Blake Lively No Makeup: Stunning With Natural Appeal

We tend to romanticize the lives of celebrities. Many people think that the lives of the famous are beautiful pretty much all of the time. But you know after being a spotlight on the big screen or red carpets, celebrities are normal human beings – just like us. Are you curious about how they look like in daily life? And for today’s post, we take a look at Blake Lively. Do you a big fan of her? Usually, we see her with a full face of makeup and amazing outfits that were handpicked by her personal stylists. She’s beautiful, lovely and alluring, well, pretty much perfect in these locks. So, wouldn’t you love to see Blake Lively no makeup?

A little information about Blake Lively

The Americana actress, model, and the famous celebrity homemaker and one of the best-looking actresses in Hollywood. That’s the first thing reminding of Blake Lively. But that’s not enough for those who are new to her. So, let’s get some more detail.

Blake Lively was born on August 25, 1987, in the Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in an artistic family whose parents are in the entertainment industry. During her childhood, her main playground was her parents’ acting classes instead of kindergarten or other private daycare centers. Lively said that seeing her parents teach acting helped her learn the “drills” and gain confidence as she got older and entered the entertainment industry. She debuted as an actress by the year she got the age of 10, in the 1998 film Sandman, which was directed by her father. Since then, this American film personality participated in some of the most famous films ever and gain much success such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), Accepted (2006), Gossip Girl (2007), and so on.

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Blake Lively is now the mother of 3 children and has a desirable family. She is quite the businesswoman herself and “foodie and cook” – as she describes herself. A really talented woman, right?

Besides all this, she has maintained her beautiful skin just like the way it was in the 20s. Those who have already figured out that Blake is all about makeup, then we think it’s time you should rethink. In this post, we will be discussing some of the most searched without makeup pictures of this gorgeous woman, which will speak in favor of how beautiful she naturally is.

The Blonde Allure

The natural blonde, Blake Lively surely knows how to stun her alluring bright sun-kissed blonde hair. She looks really wonderful when she sports her long lovely hair together with a makeup-free face. It is not arguable that she looks good, even when displaying her totally real face. The secret of her beauty is that she is proud of the natural locks that Mother Nature gives her.  And she believes her fans will like the way she is born to be. So she is confident of showing it to others. This is what makes her beautiful from the inside.

Blake Lively with new hair

The actress, who’s known for her smooth, blonde locks, rocks a shorter do’ for her upcoming role in the film The Rhythm Section. Blake steps out with light brown, frizzy, short locks. That was such a drastic change to her usual appearance. So, she takes a photo with a fresh face, holding a photo of herself being the character in her new film. Undoubtedly, her skin is so flawless and doesn’t have a great difference compared with that in the picture which was 1 hour make up. This proves that she can own any look, even without makeup.

Blake Lively with a simple look

This is one of the most viral pictures of this famous star that was taken while she was moving out of the airport. As usual, she seems to become the center of everyone’s eyes. She is superb marvelous, nice even in an incredibly simple appearance. Have you ever seen her at a simple look before? Of course, barely. But it cannot be denied that only by an ordinary look could she make us feel heartbroken. This proves that she is really stunning without making up.

Blake Lively as a businesswoman

Not only is she an exceptional actress but Lively is also a successful businesswoman. Moreover, she used to be voted as one of the most hard-working women in Hollywood wonderland. Some people think busy work can prevent her from taking care of her skin and body. However, nothing can bring her to a standstill. She has the ability to maintain her own natural outside even in the working stage. She and her appeal prove that there is no need to make up when the work is too busy.

So, you can see Blake Lively is charming and attractive both with and without makeup. She is always the center of every attraction no matter where she goes or no matter what she does as well. And her secret, as we reveal you above is confidence. Believe us, you are most beautiful when being yourself and doing what you want. For instance, if you are about to change new bright hair color without bleaching your hair, you can choose hair extensions of our company – MACSARA. We surely satisfy you with our service and products.