Blue Black Hair Dye: Get Yourself Updated With The Hottest Hair Trend 2019

Have you ever known about this 2019’s latest hair trend yet? Blue-black hair color is definitely the stunning hue that is worth trying to get a new stylish look this coming winter. The dark black shade with some hints of blue not only brings you a mysteriously attractive look but also is very flattering. And that’s why this hair color has become a huge trend recently. There are multiple ways to combine different shades of blue, from lighter royal blue to navy/midnight blue, with black hair color that could be suitable for any skin tone. Darker shades will go well with light/pale skin tones while lighter ones are suitable for dark and fair skin. The following article will introduce to you the dyeing process so that you which steps you have to go through before achieving blue-black shades, as well as some exquisitely different ways to go with these gorgeous colors.

How to get blue-black hair

1. Bleach your hair

Bleach your hair
Bleach your hair
  • If you have dark hair, to get the exact desired color, you will have to bleach the hair as the dye might not come out as it would on light hair. That’s why you have to get your hair lightened to get accurate color. It would be best if you have professional hairdresser bleaching the hair for you as the bleaching process may cause long term damages once you make any mistake. DIY is fine, however, be sure to restrictively follow the rules on your bleaching kit.
  • In case you want to dye hair yourself, if you want highlights or balayage, then remember to use foils to keep the colored hair from mixing with your natural hair.
  • If you have any leftover dye on your hair, use a color remover as it can take away the added color pigments, leaving you the natural hair color.
  • Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to clean all buildup or leftover dye from your hair. Then moisturize and nourish it by using a deep conditioner.

2. Dye your hair

The aniline might cause some serious harmful effects once it comes in contact with skin, so protecting your skin before dyeing is a must. You should apply some petroleum jelly on the skin closest to your hair to help prevent your skin from getting stained. Besides, remember to use gloves while working with the dye. While dyeing, it would be hard to keep the dye from staining your clothes, so you better wear old clothes instead of the new ones. Again, the most important notice, you must carefully follow the instruction on the hair dye set so that you can get satisfactory hair color as well as avoid damaging your strands.

  • Do not use conditioner to wash your hair, only use shampoo.
  • Mix the dye following the instructions printed on the dye box.
  • Apply the dye to your hair as you want.
  • Use hair clips to section off the different parts of hair while dyeing. If you want to add some highlight or do balayage, then use foils to keep cover the colored hair and keep it away from your uncolored tresses.
  • After this, use a shower cap or a plastic (whatever material as long as it cannot absorb the dye) to cover your dyed hair and leave it for the timer set mentioned on the aniline pack.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water until you see the water run out clear. Some stylists recommend using a vinegar rinse to keep the shade on for a longer time, so you can consider trying this idea. To do this, mix water and white vinegar in equal proportion and rinse your hair with this mixture (but don’t overdo it).
  • Let your hair air dry to achieve the best results.

3. How to maintain blue-black hair

  • Do not wash your hair more than 2 times/week. The more you wash your hair, the more the color will fade.
  • Use specialized shampoo for dyed hair or damaged hair to better nourish your strands.
  • Dyed hair will need a lot of moisture to keep it healthy. Besides using the conditioner, you should also use cold water so that it can help lock the moisture from the conditioner into your tresses.
  • In case you feel that cleaning your hair twice a week is not enough, then consider using dry shampoo.
  • Stay away from heat styling tools as they can make the hair color fade faster.

Now that you know how to dye and maintain your hair color, here are some marvelous blue-black hairs for you to consult.

Amazing Blue Black Hair Dye

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