Bun Hairstyles: Elegant Or Energetic?

Someone said that the bun is one of the most versatile hairstyles of all time. Besides, it has transcended time over and over again to become a firm favorite in the hairstyling world. And one of the best reasons is that you can find a bun for every occasion, whether it’s for work or working out, for a wedding or an all-night party. And now we have 8 bun hairstyles that you need to check out in the below article!

1. Pink Low-Loose Bun

With you, could this color degrade be more mesmerizing? In our opinion, with all the twists and color depth this low bun makes one dream of unicorns and cotton candy. We can say that once you tackle the color, keep an eye open for the right length: the loose hair that will frame your face mustn`t touch your shoulders.

2. High Twisted Bun

We can’t deny the fact that you can be inspired by the high life in Paris and take your messiest bun to a formal event. Besides, don’t forget to use your favorite hair fixator to be sure that your hair will stand throughout the day. It is clear that pairing it with pearls and sunglasses helps you look effortlessly and Parisian chic.

3. Side Bun with Shade of Blue

We can see that this chic bun is perfect for days when you feel you need to make a statement, a bold one. One thing you have to remember is to use this easy side bun hairstyle to put yourself out there. As a result, you will look fierce enough to pass as a celebrity. Here, go for the shades of silver, blue and purple, and invitations to star in music videos and movies will rain.

4. Big Looped Bun

If you have short hair, you can try this bun which makes your hair look thick and. It is undeniable that depending on the length, you will be able to accomplish a more or less detailed hair roll. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to follow the pretzel look, it is trending informal hairstyle catalogs all over the industry, and it will not compromise your look.

5. Bun with Tangled Braids

Firstly, feel tangled up in buns with this messy bun for long hair. Secondly, French maids inspired, this take on the famous braid is fresher and more relaxed than ever. Do you agree with me that on rainy days, this bun is great if you are constantly using a hood? Besides, you don’t need to worry about small hair out of place: it is all part of the look.

6. Inverted Braid and Bun

As you can see, you have two options for this hairstyle. First, if your hair is really long, it’s okay! Second, your hair is short and you are okay with using hair extensions. Of course, it is all about length here. There’s no doubt that you need enough hair for a thick inverted braid starting from the bottom of your head, and then even more hair for an epic messy bun on the top.

7. Curly Messy Bun

It’s no surprise that one way to style your curly hair is with a messy bun. There’s no doubt that it’s created by bending over, flipping all of your hair forward, and gathering it together. First of all, you should start with a loose ponytail, and pull your hair through to a bun. Afterward, you have to pull and loosen as you deem necessary, to fully play up the messy vibe.

 8. Low Side Bun

There’s no denying the fact that side buns can be very dramatic yet simple. We can say that this style is complemented by flower accessories at the back creating a simple but elegant look. Especially, this can be suitable for short, medium, or long hair. Moreover, barrettes and hairpins can easily hold the bun in place while maintaining the polished look because the flowers can cover up the presence of pins. Besides, the size of the bun will then be defined by the length of your hair.

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