Can you shower with tape-in hair extensions? Tips and tricks you should know

Tape-in hair extensions are a magical solution for adding length, volume, and color to natural hair. If you are considering trying them out, you may be wondering how tape-ins hold up in the shower. So, can you shower with tape-in hair extensions? To keep it short, yes! You can shower with your tape-in extensions on, but you should carefully follow the tips we’ll reveal below to make sure they stay in good condition. So let’s dive in and discover the secrets to maintaining your extensions while enjoying a refreshing shower!

How long after tape-in extension installation can I shower?

After having tape-in extensions installed, you should wait at least 48 hours before showering. This is because your tape-ins need enough time to settle, ensuring the adhesive holds the bond better and longer. Taking a shower too soon may compromise the effectiveness of the tape-in extensions. Patience is key during this initial period to ensure long-lasting results, so don’t rush the process!

How often can I shower with tape-in extensions? 

 Can you shower with tape-in extensions

How often can I shower with tape-in extensions?

It’s recommended to shower with tape-in extensions two times a week at maximum. If you have curly or wavy hair, once is enough. While tape-in extensions are designed to withstand showering, washing them too often may loosen the adhesive over time. Moreover, as hair extensions cannot absorb nutrients from the scalp like your natural hair, frequent showers can strip your hair extensions of moisture, causing them to be dry and brittle.

Tips on showering with tape-in extensions

The fact that you can shower with tape-in hair extensions does not mean you just wash them as you do with your own hair. To confidently answer the question “Can you shower with tape-in extensions?” with a “yes”, keeping in mind the following tips is a must!

 1. Brushing your hair extensions

Before stepping into the shower, it’s crucial to gently brush your tape-in extensions using a wide-toothed comb or a special extension brush. This step helps prevent tangling when your hair is wet, which would be a nuisance.

Remember to brush your hair properly by starting from the ends and working your way up with one hand supporting the roots. By doing so, you can make sure that you’re not pulling the tapes.

 Can you shower with tape-in extensions

Brushing your hair extensions before stepping into the shower

 2. Choosing the right shampoo 

When it comes to washing your tape-in extensions, opting for a sulfate-free and lightweight shampoo is essential. These types of shampoos are gentle on both your natural hair and the extensions, minimizing the risk of damage or breaking down the tape bonds. Additionally, you should look for shampoos that are specifically formulated for hair extensions, as they provide the necessary nourishment and protection to help your tape-in extensions look their best.

 3. Treating your tape-ins gently

While shampooing, be mindful of how you treat your tape-in extensions. Avoid making rubbing or circular motions if you don’t want to cause tangling or loosen the tapes. Instead, gently massage the shampoo into your scalp and work your way down through the length of your extensions.

 4. Avoiding moisturizers on the roots

 Can you shower with tape-in extensions

Avoiding moisturizers on the roots

After cleansing your hair with shampoo, using a conditioner is necessary to provide your hair with the moisture it lacks. Apply conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair extensions, where the hair needs the most hydration. However, avoid using it on the roots, where your tape-ins are placed. The excessive moisture can weigh your hair down and weaken the adhesive, causing your tape-ins to loosen or even slip off.

This rule is also applied when you want to moisturize your hair with other products, such as hair oils, creams, or serums.

 5. Drying your hair extensions properly

Drying your hair properly is an important step when learning how to shower with tape-in extensions. As leaving your tapes wet after washing them may be harmful to their longevity, you should make your tapes dry as soon as possible by using a blow dryer.

However, remember to blow dry your tapes only and let your hair dry naturally, because heat can cause damage to your hair. If you still want to blow dry your hair, make sure you use a heat protectant on it and choose the low heat setting.

Where to buy high-quality tape-in extensions?

 Can you shower with tape-in extensions

Where to buy high-quality tape-in extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions can withstand showers, but their longevity greatly depends greatly on the quality of the extensions themselves. With countless options available in the market, it can be challenging to find high-quality tape-in extensions. So, where should you turn to ensure you’re investing in the best? Look no further! Macsara – a leading Vietnamese hair extensions manufacturer is where you can place your trust. Our tape-in hair extensions are made from the finest-quality Remy human hair and medical-grade adhesive available in the market. Therefore, they are not only soft and smooth but also hold the bond well. With proper care, they can be reused for 3-4 times, qualifying them as one of the most cost-effective hair extensions.

Our tape-in extensions come in numerous types, textures, colors, and lengths to suit different needs. Don’t hesitate to pick what suits you best for a flawless hair transformation. Our staff is always happy to support you whenever you need!


In conclusion, the answer to the old-aged question “Can you shower with tape-in extensions?” is a resounding “yes”. However, it’s crucial to take proper care and follow the tips and tricks we’ve shared in this post. Hope that you can confidently enjoy refreshing showers while keeping your tape-in extensions looking their best!

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