Celebrities Be Fed Up With Washing Hair

Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson…used to make their fan surprised with greasy hair.

Acting as these celebrities, they always have to pay attention to their appearance. However, they sometimes appear with dirty greasy hair. Maybe they want to show off their style or perhaps they are fed up with washing hair up. No matter what reason is, photographs below became “shreds of evidence” as well as memorable moments in their career.

Johnny Deep

According to rumor, Johnny Deep is too lazy to keep his hair cleaned. He usually appears with greasy hair and stale smell. He is usually accused many times but he still remains this habit. There is no sign that he will change this hairstyle.

Ruffle greasy hairstyle cannot ease the rumor about his bad habit.

Russell Brand

When you contemplate this comedian’s hairstyle, you will have to wonder whether he takes 2 minutes every day to wash his hair up or not.

Tara Rei

Actress Tara Rei’s hair makes us have to marvel at me: is this “bedroom” hairstyle? She is just in a hurry and miss washing hair up or she doesn’t remember to clean hair up.

Amanda Bynes

She not only makes her fan shocked by her scandal but also her hairstyle. When we have a look at her hairstyle, many people just want to cut her hair off promptly.


Her hairstyle is too ridiculous and not suitable for a luxurious event. Her fan just wants to buy Kesha a shampoo when they observe her hairstyle on the red carpet.

Justin Bieber

While his ex-girlfriend – Selena Gomez used to be an ambassador of numerous shampoo brands, Justin Bieber is on top of meme trend because of his greasy hairstyle. He is also an inspiration messenger of lots of tabloids.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is advised to go to the salon and get useful information from her hair maker immediately because of her disorder hairstyle.

Courtney Love

There is nothing to talk about the “bird’s nest” hairstyle of Courtney Love.

Britney Spears

When she doesn’t have to take part in a press screen event or music show, she is so untidy and her greasy hairstyle is usually paid attention to other people.

Vanessa Hudgens

Perhaps, because of this pace of hustle and bustle life, she doesn’t have enough time to wash her hair up before going outside.

Natasha Lyonne

Her ruffle hairstyle makes other people be obsessed with. It makes her appearance less stunning.

Helena Bonham Carter

Not only in the series film “Harry Potter”, but Helena Bonham Carter is also fascinated in this ruffle hairstyle in reality.

Kristen Stewart

When she still styles straight hair, she usually makes other people have to focus on her greasy hair because it is too horrible. She used to admit that she rarely washes her hair.

Robert Pattinson

Robert and Kisen are definitely a perfect couple when they are all fed up with washing hair. He confessed that he used to not wash his hair within 6 weeks. Is this his secret to having an attractive hairstyle?

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