Changing Various Long Hairstyles Without Obsolescence

The long hairdo is never outdated if you know how to style and match hair with accessories. Just a few minutes, your simple hair will become a stylish hairstyle right away. In the hot summer season, short-hairdos or pixie hairstyles occupy the most popular hair trends. However, not all girls are suitable for short hairstyles. How to keep beautiful long hair just to pass this hot summer? Surely, this is the problem that causes the long-haired girls’ tantrum. Knowing this, MACSARA will suggest a wide range of interesting variations of your long hair, ensuring both lovely and cool looks!

Diversity ponytail hairdos with accessories

For long hair girls, a ponytail is very familiar. In a few simple steps, you were able to tie your “dream stream” neatly. Depending on your personal preferences, you can flex your hair into a low or high ponytail. However, because it is easy to perform and is familiar to females, this is the hairstyle favored by a few girls for fear of boredom. ponytail is also a new chance if you know how to combine it with different accessories. For example, you can take the turban to tie your hair, bravely braid your hair or use a large clip to clip your hair to create the dissimilar highlights for this hairstyle. You can randomly combine clips and plaits the hair ends so that the hair adds a special part.

Bun hairstyles

Sometimes there is no need to curl or tie, your natural long hair also has a very unique beauty. 2019 is the year of pearl hairpins and striking colors. You can apply some trendy hair clips to your hair. This way has just caught the trend, and crown the beauty of your hair.

1. Neat Chignon Bun Hair

Chignon is one of the most favorite hairstyles of women with long hair. Whether high or low bun, you easily conquered all glances. Bun hair helps you show off the delicate features on your face. In addition, when your hair tie is high, you will cleverly boast your shoulders. For long hair, a bun is the most effective method of avoiding the heat. Besides the usual simple bun, you can gently curl the hair before taking a bun to create a more natural messy effect for the hair that is a hairdressing trick of Korean girls. If you do not like the lightness, you can change the traditional way by braiding your hair and then having a bun to create a highlight and express your dynamism. Chignon bun hairstyle is one of the most suitable hairstyles of women that enhances your long hair perfectly.

Mischievous looks with two high buns

2. Half-Bun Hair

You often let your hair down or have a bun, so why not combine these two hairstyles to create a new fresh hairstyle? Half-bun hair not only helps you show the pretty beauties on your face but is also a feminine style. You can also take the top part of your hair and tighten your braids and bun to create a different look for this hairstyle. If you want to take your hairstyle to the next level, a half-up messy bun is a perfect way to do it! This adds an extra element to your style, and the longer the hair, the more volume you can create. It’s so easy when you follow the below steps.

  • Leave a few sections out around your face to soften the style and make it more whimsical!
  • Part a section of hair and start wrapping it into a ponytail
  • On the final wrap, leave a loop bun.
  • While holding the bun with one hand, pinch and pull at the base of the ponytail to give it volume and texture.
  • Take a section from the left part of the ponytail and twist it back towards the bun.
  • Working your way up and down the twist, pinch and pull at it to make it fluffy. Take the twist and drape it over the base of the bun and pin into place.
  • Repeat these steps on the right side.

Create With The Braiding Hair Types

If you say ponytail and bun hair have many unique variations, then braided hair has countless types of attraction. Whether you are a feminine or dynamic girl, braided hairstyles can still please you. This hairdo will show off your skill and creativity. In addition, you can add accessories such as headbands, clips, flowers to create accents for your braids. One of the hot trends of braided hairdos is Dutch braid. Seen at the most exciting red carpet film awards show, Dutch braid always stood out amongst the crowd. A crown braid turned into an updo, this look is perfect for any occasion and can be casual or elegant. All are MACSARA’s tips to renew your long hair to make you more confident and charming. If you want to know more useful hair information, visit the MACSARA store to get the best hair as well as the right hair care.