Clip In Hair Extensions For Thin Hair: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to hair – an important part of our overall appearance, we all seem to share a common dream: long and voluminous hair. Unfortunately, many of us have thin hair, whether it is something we are born with or due to living conditions. But to my fellow women, that’s not the end of the world yet! Hair extensions are the weapon that has come to rescue. Among various types of hair extensions, clip-in extensions stand out as a popular one. So if you are considering clip in hair extensions for thin hair, this post is just for you. We’ll dive into everything you need to know right now!


What are clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions, as their name suggests, consist of hair wefts pre-attached with small, ready-to-use clips. Unlike other extensions that require professional application, clip-in hair extensions offer a super quick and easy installation method. You can put them on and take them off from the comfort of your home. That you can have a stunning hair transformation in less than 15 minutes makes clip-in extensions the perfect choice for busy bees or special occasions.

What are clip-in hair extensions?

Can clip-in hair extensions be used on thin hair?

First, you need to know that the clips pre-attached in hair extensions are not that small to easily be hidden in natural locks. Moreover, natural hair should be thick enough so it can provide a grip for the clips to stay secure. That’s why clip-in hair extensions are generally recommended for those with medium to thick hair. So does this mean there is no chance for people with thin hair to use clip-in extensions?

macsarahair-Can clip-in-hair-extensions-be-used-on-thin-hair
Can clip-in hair extensions be used on thin hair?

Well, that’s not necessarily true as everything has an exception. With the right product, the right application method and the right care, using clip in hair extensions for thin hair is not impossible. Read on to discover in detail!

Seamless clip-in hair extensions – Best clip in hair extensions for thin hair

The hair extension world is ever-changing with new products invented to keep up with new demands. This is especially the case with people having thin hair. For hair extensions that have been known to work well for thick hair, there is now a version for thin hair.

When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, we are referring to Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions for thin hair. This is truly a revolutionary type of hair extensions that is designed to be much thinner than the traditional one. The fabric weft is replaced with a flat, thin silicone band that can lay flat against the scalp, making it easier for thin hair to hide the clips. As their name suggests, a seamless blend is now totally achievable!

Seamless clip-in hair extensions

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Tips for blending clip in hair extensions with thin hair

Though it’s more challenging to blend clip-in hair extensions with thin hair, your natural hair should not prevent you from rocking the hairstyles you love. Below are our tips that help you achieve a seamless blend with clip in hair extensions for thin hair.

1. Don’t use too many clip-in hair extensions

First things first, you should know that thin hair cannot support too much weight, so never attempt to apply a thick set of hair extensions to your thin strands. This can strain your scalp and cause further thinning. This is not to mention that it’s hard for thin hair to hide many wefts for a natural-looking result. Therefore, while people with medium or thick hair can apply a set of 150-200 grams of thick clip in hair extensions, a set of 100 grams or fewer may work for you.

2. Make a solid base for the clips 

As we’ve mentioned above, if you don’t want your clip-in extensions to fall out easily, your natural hair should provide a solid base. As thin hair lacks the needed volume, a hairspray or dry shampoo will do the trick. Spritz a bit of it and then tease at the roots and you’ll create a firm base.

Tease at the roots

3. Find the safe zone

There may be areas of your head where your hair is thinner. Therefore, the key here is to avoid attaching clip-in hair extensions to those areas as the clips can poke out.

4. Don’t apply the clips too close to the scalp

You may think that applying clip-ins as close to your scalp as possible will make them look natural. However, this is not the case. Positioning the wefts about ½ cm away from the scalp will not only make the clips natural-looking but also leave space for natural hair movement, which helps avoid causing too much tension on the scalp.

5. Don’t apply the clips too high on the head

For those with thin hair, the top of their head is where hair often looks flat, so never attempt to apply any clip-in hair extension to this area.

Don’t apply the clips too high on the head

6. Tease the hair at your crown

As we’ve said, your hair often looks flat at the crown of your head. One effective way to fix this is by teasing (again!), so your hair will look fuller and blend better with clip-in hair extensions.

7. Style your hair

Once you have all of your hair extensions applied, the final trick that helps everything fall into place is styling your hair. You can create layers or curl your hair, as this helps natural hair and hair extensions blend together better than just letting them stay unchanged.


We hope our post is helpful for those interested in clip in hair extensions for thin hair. By choosing the right thin clip in hair extensions and following our tips, the path to your dream hair is now open. Let’s embrace your natural hair and elevate it with Macsarahair’s Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions today!