Copy Jodie Turner-Smith hairstyles to own a way-out appearance

Jack Ma, an eminent Chinese business magnate, politician, and investor says: “Once in your life, try something. Work hard something. Try to change, nothing bad can happen.” It can’t deny that this saying will become an enormous motivation for several courageous people within the world who dare to vary the old roads. Perhaps Jodie Turner-Smith is one of them. Typically, she tries so many odd hairstyles. This article will give you a deeper insight into choosing impressive hairstyles through a series of hairdos Jodie Turner-Smith uses in three work The Last Ship (2017), Nightflyers (2018), Queen & Slim (2019) and in some other events.

Jodie Turner-Smith is known as a British actress and model. In December 2019, she married the actor – Joshua Jackson and welcomed a new member in April 2020. She entered the showbiz when a mutual friend convinced her to start her career as a model after a NERD concert.

 The Last Ship (2017)


Jodie Turner-Smith attended the Season 5 of The Last Ship with the role of a sergeant, Azima Kandie in the Kenyan Navy.

Azima takes part in the global cause to eliminate viruses when the legendary Captain Tom Chandler spreads to everyone. In a short curly line-up haircut, we can see a sexy and flirtatious Jodie Turner-Smith, but she knows many ways to murder any man only by her bare hands. There is no need to wear make-up, polite clothes or fussy hairstyles, Jodie always shines as an attractive and powerful lady.

Nightflyers (2018)


Jodie in the long top and short-sides hair

Nightflyers is a horror science fiction television series in America on the channel, Syfy on December 2, 2018. It is based on the short novels and short stories of George R. R. Martin, including ten episodes. In these series, Jodie starred Melantha Jhirl, the first officer of D’Branin abroad the Nightflyer mission.

With a line-up plus buzz cut, this simple but cool haircut helps stand out intelligent, stunning and athletic characteristics of a cadet whom Jodie needs to convey through the character.

Queen & Slim (2019)

It is undeniable that 20 19 is the remarkable milestone that marks the burgeoning career of Jodie Turner-Smith with the magnetizing role in Queen & Slim. In this film, she starred a defiant lawyer – a titular character – Queen. She had an uneventful first date with the employee – Slim. However, this situation quickly worsens and out of control when Slim kills a white police officer in self-defense. The fear for their survival forces them to run away. During their journey, they deliver a passionate Black romance that we haven’t witnessed.


To express the sexiness and strength to survive of Black women, her short curly hair is messed up and dyed sepia. It is easy to realize that her hairstyle quite suits that of her partner, Daniel Kaluuya. If only considering the extent of this film, we can’t deny this couple is a perfect match from the short hairstyle to the polished brown skin.


At Rich Mix Cinema (London, England) on January 28 of 2020, Jodie Turner-Smith and Daniel Kaluuya join the “Queen & Slim” UK Premiere

Contrary to the short haircut in Queen & Slim, Jodie wore a black bob with a bang and a long white dress. This hairstyle brings modern beauty and highlights her tall legs. Meanwhile, Daniel Kaluuya chose a temple fade with sponge twists and a dark blue suit.

If you are familiar with the short hairstyles of Jodie, this following one will give you a big surprise.


We have to admit that Jodie Turner-Smith can be one of the actresses and models who are interested in renewing her hairstyles after every event, special occasions, or even in her daily life. In the above picture, she tries a rebellious style with a head full of braids to emphasize her strong personality. Needless to say, she will be the spotlight of paparazzi on the red carpet only by this impressive hairdo.


Jodie was confident with the deep curly bob in the celebration of the first Mother’s Day

The sexy yellow dress along with the deep curly hair contributes to intensifying the graceful side of the British model. She chose it to welcome a new angle coming to this world with her beloved husband, Joshua Jackson.


Jodie looks noble and fashionable with the copper-gold deep curly undercut

This haircut blows a modern breeze and makes the clothing more luxurious honorable. There are so many men falling for her gorgeous beauty.

It can be indisputable that Jodie Turner-Smith is always charming and outstanding with stunning hairstyles whether in special events or in her normal life. She deserves to be a typical model for those people who wish for making a difference in their appearance. Consult hairstyles we listed out above to look for an appropriate type for your beauty. If you have long hair and want to try rocking short gorgeous hairstyles without cutting your hair, come and choose from MACSARA’s short wigs to find out a new you. Let us shine your beauty!