Copying Rowan Blanchard hair treatment

When it comes to Rowan Blanchard, we surely share a common love. The actress has stolen our hearts since episode one of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World. From her bohemian style to her cheerful and optimistic personality, there are infinite reasons to love the little girl. Since breaking onto the scene in 2010, Rowan has gained a loyal following of fans who love her acting, activism, and, oh yeah, her amazing style of hair and clothes. And today let’s pay attention to Rowan Blanchard hair treatment.

1. Shortest-ever hair: Pixie cut

Pixie cut
Pixie cut

With many people, it is the New Year that is a perfect time to do some massive refresh for a new appearance.  In some cases, there are those who actually follow that idea in a major way. Rowan Blanchard cutting off all her hair is just one excellent example of someone truly ringing in a new year with a new look — and truer expression of self.

The 17-year-old actress hit the red carpet of the 2019 Golden Globes with a storm, appearing with a shortest-ever pixie haircut, giving fans such Audrey Hepburn vibes. All the while, she aided looks donning a short cotton candy pink side-sleeve ruffle dress that can best be described as delicious. No, GORGEOUS!!!

This pixie cut may be a shock, but the actress has actually undergone plenty of cuts prior to nipping her hair all the way to her nape. In fact, her hairstyles now have an entire resume.

2. Long loose wavy hair

Here we see Riley Matthews’s image with big, loose waves. Rowan looks like a princess and her beaming smile is too lovely for words!

3. Braided hairstyles

It appears that Rowan is a big fan of braided hairstyles when we see she sports a variety of these locks. From side braid to double pigtail to braided crowns, they are all adorable and stunning. So, it’s time to take your braid game to the next level. See what Rowan treat her hair with braids for your next hairstyle.

Braided crown
Braided crown

Rowan Blanchard looks like a princess in the famous story Sleeping beauty with a beautiful braid at the crown of her hair. Truthful to say, she has a pure beauty that alluring everyone even at first glance. And the braided crown just flaunts that loveliness more and more.

Proving that there’s more than one way to style princess-length locks, Rowan styles her brown hair into this gorgeous fishtail braid. The actress keeps it just tousled enough for volume and texture.

Easy enough for you to DIY, Rowan’s double pigtail braids give off a chic, grown-up feeling of sophistication. Her jet-black lashes flaunt a subtle white highlight in the inner corners of her eyes.

Such a cute hairstyle it is! And it’s easy enough for you to copy, too. Tying your hair back just got an A+ upgrade that looks like heaven. Hit Rowan B heights by pinning the bangs of your hair right back (with a little raise for volume) and separating out two sister sections either side of your ears. Braid these sections and fasten with clear bands and mini ribbon bows before returning to the main of your hair, whipping it back into a low bun.

A deep side part and cascading braid create a playful-yet-polished combo on Rowan. Paired with high-gloss lips and a hint of the liner, she looks as sweet as candy.

4. High Wavy Ponytail

Are you looking for some easy and chic hairstyles? A ponytail is a great option. We know that even the women who are not good at doing pretty hairstyles can make a great ponytail. Here we see, Rowan is so energetic with her hair in a high ponytail that helps to show off her beautiful collarbone.

5. Ballerina bun

Classic look, a new twist: Rowan’s intentionally undone ballerina bun ups the glam factor of her outfit. The loose strands create a face-framing effect, shedding light on her sweet smile.

6. Curly Mullet Hairstyle

Rowan Blanchard makes a hair hit at the New York Fashion Week with her ‘80s glam-rock goddess. The actress looks chic with her throwback cut, which has experienced a resurgence on Instagram and been seen on actress Barbie Ferreira. She completed the look with similarly ’80s glittery pink and purple eye shadow and a sequined top.

Needless to say, we’re envious, proud, and rooting for Rowan! Whatever she treats her hair, it’s always gorgeous. And we gonna love them all. With the arrival of small-screen Rowan Blanchard in our life, it’s likely our woke-levels increased (after watching her spot-on feminist speeches), our style took an even cuter turn. And now whether you want your hair is about to get the Rowan treatment? It may be a little bit dangerous, so remember to do some experiments with hair extensions at first.

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