Curious About Megan Fox No Makeup Photos

Megan Fox is not your quintessential Hollywood actress but one who fits into the category of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. With her long brunette hair, piercing eyes, gorgeous looks and a body to die for, she is considered a modern-day sex symbol appearing on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine as well as in magazines such as Maxim and FHM under the Top 100 Sexiest Females list. Macsarahair has done some digging and have come up with some pictures of Megan Fox without makeup, some of which may surprise you.

Curious About Megan Fox No Makeup Photos

Here Megan shows off her fantastic figure as well as her beautiful bare face as she emerges from the sea as she spends the day at the beach. As you can see, her skin looks lovely in this picture with her black long hair. That makes a lot of fans struggle to understand why she ever wears makeup.

Here’s another shot of the beauty without any makeup. Her skin looks lovely and despite the lack of mascara her eyes still seem to pop. You will love her long, windswept hair too, it adds to her natural look.

Megan looks great with her casual yet stylish outfit. She’s swept her hair back off her face into a messy bun, showing off her naturally beautiful skin and has enhanced her looks with a pair of gorgeous sunglasses. Take note of her water bottle too. Perhaps she drinks plenty of water, something which is known to give you naturally beautiful skin.

When Megan passed through the LAX airport in 2011 she shocked paparazzi with her startling change of hair color. She’d gone from her natural brunette hair color to a stung shade of red. I’m not sure if it suits her quite as well but I’m sure you’ll agree that she still looks beautiful here. Plus, once again check out her flawless skin.

Having just nipped out to the shops, Megan was spotted as she dared to bare. Her skin looks better than ever here. While she’s wearing no eye makeup, she perfectly preened brows completely enhance her look with a bun style again.

Once again Megan brings the fantastic looks to others despite being makeup-free. She looks amazing in this oversized jumper with her hair flowing loosely across her body. I’d love to know her secret to such flawless skin!

Megan dons an ultra-casual look and again she’s got fiery red hair. She’s wearing a simple tank top with a zip-up hoodie over the top and even a sports cap to hide her face somewhat. Once again, notice her bottle of water and the fact that it goes hand in hand with her flawless skin.


Megan looks something of an office professional as she sports oversized glasses, striped black trousers, and a loose-fitting shirt. While it’s not her usual look she sure looks fab! Again she’s chosen to go makeup-free, a look which she pulls off near perfectly. The only sign she’s not perfect is the slight sheen on her forehead but I don’t think any of us can claim we’ve never fallen victim to that.

This is by far many people’s favorite pictures of Megan Fox no makeup. She looks absolutely perfect here. Her skin is flawless, her eyes still look awake and beautiful, and despite just being thrown into a quick ponytail her hair looks luscious. Plus, check out her lovely figure. Her loose t-shirt shows the curve of her body and perfectly toned stomach. She truly does have enviable looks!

On one of her rare days off Megan has made a quick trip to the shops. Like many celebrities, she’s donned a cap to help hide her identity and stop her from being swamped by fans as she goes about her daily business. How casual she looks here, showing us that she’s still human despite her superhuman looks, and even without even a touch of makeup she still looks amazing. Her lips are lovely and full, her eyes sparkling blue.

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