Different 24 Inch Weaves Hair Extensions


Hair extension is known as the best choice and the fastest way to change yourself. With the suitable hair length, your hair look will be perfect when appearing. For those who love gorgeous long hairdo, 24 inch weaves will be a great option.

24 inch weave hair extensions refer to the hairstyle in which the hair is sewn all together in one long line by hands or machines. Along with bulk hair, weave hair is one of the two hairstyles that have the most reasonable price in our company. Due to the way of application, Bundle weave hair can sometimes be called as sew-in hair extensions. Our modern sewing machines do the whole process, so the products are equally good. We commit ourselves to use only Vietnamese people’s hair with the best quality. The hair is soft, smooth, glossy, and can be used for a very long time.

24 inch Straight weave hair

Kinky straight weave 

From ancient times to the present, straight hair has never been out of date. And nowadays, weave hair in a straight texture is very popular with most of the western women. We can say that kinky straight hair is the type of texture that suits natural African women’s hair. For those women who have thin hair, this hairstyle will be a perfect option as it can make your hair look much thicker than it is in reality.

Natural straight weave

This hair brings for girls gentle and charming appearance. Moreover, thanks to the fact that it has no tangles or shedding, it is also very soft and emollient. If you love black hair, don’t skip this one.

Yaki straight weave

The combination of weave and yaki texture will help you shine with the outstanding style and mysterious color. Give it a try if you don’t like kinky straight hair.

24 inch wavy weave

Weave body wavy

With body wavy texture, your hair beauty will be enhanced totally that helps you achieve a full-bodied look. 

Weave bouncy wavy

This style adds length and volume to your hair and enhances your beauty and style. It is said that weave hair in bouncy wavy texture may be one of the best romantic hairstyles. 

Weave deep wavy

This hair doesn’t hurt your hair. It is affordable, convenient and easy to apply. Being a wonderful type of hair, the deep wavy texture gives you an amazing look. If you are looking for a beautiful bounce and the high number of volumes, you could wear on this.

Weave fumi wavy

As a good product of hair, fumi wavy hair texture is a high rate item that is famous for its beauty.


Weave natural wavy

Being a wonderful type of hair, the natural wavy texturegives you a great look because they make your hair more natural, shine and so smooth. There is nothing to complain about this natural wavy hair. Each scroll moves extremely beautifully in winds.

Weave water body wavy

This hair is not only stunning but also very affordable. When it comes to hairstyle, weave water body wavy hairwill make you satisfied.

Weave loose wavy

The loose wavy texture is one of the most favorite hair extensions since it can give you a natural look with light waves like your real hair. Instead of black color, you can choose brown or blonde hair to make it difference.

24 inch curly weave

Deep curly hair

From time to time, curly hair has never been out of date because of the sexy appearance. Weave deep curly hair extensions of our company are Remy hair with all cuticle and all strands are arranged in the same direction. As a result, it is so smooth, shiny and soothing.

Fumi curly hair

Spend some time to get to know our weave fumi curly hair. Trust me, it will change your life positively. Don’t skip this fumi curly hair weave as it can spice up your day.

Romantic curly hair

Hard to resist to the bauty of this hair since you will love it at first sight. You look like sexy Spanish girls if wearing it. The strands are sewed into double wefts, so, you don’t need to worry about shedding or tangles.

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