Discover Mila Kunis’s Daily Life: Casual Hairstyles, Appearance Without Makeup

Have a look at some gorgeous moments of Mila Kunis’s no makeup and her casual hairstyles.

Who is Mila Kunis?

Mila Kunis is a famous American actress and leading voice artist. Born in 1983 in Ukraine, the actor started her career very early at the age of 10 when moving to Los Angeles with her family, after being discovered by an agent who then eventually took her into the entertainment world. Kunis first appeared to the public by performing in several TV commercials before getting a breakthrough in “That ‘70s Show” in 1988. Besides, her voice works in the popular cartoon series – the ‘Family Guy’ also gained much appreciation. All these had created a mount pushing the woman signed into the world of films and quickly proved her talent on the widescreen. Ever since then, the actress has participated in several blockbuster hits which are attained a lot of appreciation from film critics like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Black Swan”. See more: Human Barbie without makeup

Though being a famous person, Mila Kunis is quite comfortable expressing herself in public as she likes to take the time and enjoy a casual life like any ordinary person, whenever she has a chance. The actress is the rare type of celeb who is not afraid of going makeup-free. And it’s even more common to see Mila Kunis no makeup than it is with.

Joining us to admire some daily life moments of Mila Kunis no makeup, casual hairstyle and more.

Beautiful bare face

In this picture, Mila Kunis looks fresh and confidently shows off her natural beauty without wearing makeup. Being totally makeup-free makes the famous actress looks a bit different from when she appears on the screen. The black loose curly hair left free-down on the shoulder may make the lady look a bit older but above all, for Mila Kunis, comfort is the most important.

Take money at ATMs

Apparently, it’s so rare to see Mila Kunis being ugly. The actress looks absolutely flawless even when she is just going out to make money from ATMs and wearing zero makeup. Not covered by any cosmetic layer, Kunis confidently shows off her perfect beautiful skin, which is super soft and does not have any acne. For more convenience and a neater look, she wrapped all her hair back and tied a ponytail. Maybe because of quickly tying, the hair at the crown section looks a bit tangled and there’s still a strand lose down before the forehead. But ok, she still looks beautiful after all.

Going on stress

Mila Kunis went down the street looking gorgeous and pretty as usual while doesn’t put on any makeup. The hair simply tied up in a high ponytail brings a childish look, combining with the casual black jacket, Mila Kunis manages to make herself look like a friendly neighbor girl.


Going on a date

Mila Kunis was spotted while going on a date with her husband, walking down the streets of LA. The actress looks extremely comfortable rocking a casual red jacket and the face is completely makeup-free. Her beautiful brown hair was left relaxed and fluttering in the wind. As the actress was walking in the sun, there were some rays of sunlight shining on her hair, making her normal hair look like it was shining brightly. Just going on a date and even not doing any makeup but why it feels like she was filming for a CF?

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Buying some coffee

This picture is when Mila Kunis departing from a shop after having some breakfast. Kunis seems quite enjoys her simple off-screen time with her husband as she looks pretty relaxing in her sporty casual getup with the makeup-free face, of course. The hair is simply left free-down and freely flutters in the wind as well as shining in the sunlight, Mila Kunis proves that she is still beautiful without any complicated hairstyle or makeup layer.

Winter shopping

This picture was taken at a moment which is a bit funny (well, the paparazzi will not care about how you look as long as they can take the pictures). Mila Kunis was spotted while she was heading home after being done with her shopping. The hair was optionally tied back into a low ponytail with the crown looks a bit tangled (maybe because she hastily ties hair when leaving the house). The whole outfit that couldn’t be more normal but still cannot hide Mila Kunis’s natural beauty without makeup.

In the sun

Mila Kunis has never been shy about showing up her natural beauty, even 10+ years ago when this picture was taken. The actress just pinned the bangs up while letting the remaining completely loose down for a neat yet still feminine look. This woman does not need anything to make herself look adorable and beautiful.

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