Discover Spetacular Hairstyles Of Hollywood Celebrated Ladies

If you think your favorite celebrity has naturally long and voluminous hair, you’re completely wrong. Just like us, celebrities also have hair problems and often improve their hairstyle using extensions.

Since famous people completely transform their looks very often, they need something that enables them instant change. Extensions are perfect for that because you can go from short hair to long, glamorous looks in mere minutes.

Dyeing your hair that often is also a problem because it can damage your hair significantly, so extensions provide a solution for that problem as well. You can get whatever color (or colors) that you can imagine and create a completely unique look. That is something that is extremely important if you’re a celebrity. Since you must stand out and be different from everybody else in order to be noticed.

Oftentimes, people don’t realize how many celebrities actually wear hair extensions because they hide them well. In fact, most celebrities have tried hair extensions at least once. Many stars wear them all the time! So, look at the biggest list of famous models, singers, actresses, and stars who have extensions.


Jennifer Aniston

Friends star Jennifer Aniston is responsible for one of the most famous 90s hairstyles, known as “The Rachel”. The look was made famous for her role as Rachel, and soon everybody around the world started copying it.

Fortunately, Jennifer moved on from the iconic 90s look and went with a more modern and trendier look. Jennifer is another celebrity that often uses extensions to transform her look and she does it very well. Her blonde and brown balayage looks very natural and that’s what’s so beautiful about it.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful young Hollywood stars. She is a role model for many teen girls and there’s a good reason why. She’s successful, famous, young, gorgeous, and trendy. Selena is most famous for her dark brown wavy hairstyle, although she did try lighter shades and even blonde. But dark brown is definitely her signature color and her voluminous waves are often the result of extensions.


Queen B is one of the fiercest celebrates around and an icon of fashion and style. Starting off as one-third of the famous Destiny’s Child group, she quickly started her solo career and building a brand of her own. Today, everybody knows who Beyoncé is and thousands of women want to be just like her.

She has it all! She can sing, dance, perform, model, she has a perfect body and booty, her face is gorgeous, and her hair is majestic. Beyoncé’s luscious curls are always accentuated in her performances and music videos. You always see the wind blowing in her hair, as a signature look. Although we’re sure that Beyoncé’s natural hair is gorgeous, it is obvious that she’s often wearing extensions. Big and bouncy hair is very important for performances and extensions to offer just that.


When it comes to hair, Rihanna is a real chameleon, constantly reinventing herself. She changes her look almost every appearance and performance. The only way that is possible is by using extensions. It allows you to change the length of your hair, color, and style.

Over the years, Rihanna became a real style icon and a trendsetter and that’s largely due to her stunning and unique hairstyles. She has tried out so many long extensions, ombres, and bold colors. Rihanna came a long way from being a young girl from Barbados and showed everybody that she is a badass, confident girl with a look that supports that.

Lady Gaga

If anybody is famous for a unique look, that’s surely the one and only Lady Gaga. From the beginning of her career, she shocked everybody with her outlandish clothes, makeup, and hair, and quickly became known as one of the most eccentric and outrageous celebrities out there.

Gaga has had a lot of help from extensions for creating such unique hairstyles that are out of this world. There are too many to even count. From unbelievably extra-long and thick hair to crazy colors like yellow, green, turquoise, and rainbow colors. Lady Gaga is such a creative person and she raises the bar hair and sets new standards for hair. You never know what to expect because extensions allow her to completely transform her hairstyle whenever she wants to.

Gaga is a prime example of what can you can achieve with extensions and a little bit of imagination.

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