Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

When it comes to permanent hair extensions, there is a myth flowing year by year that they will leave your hair broken and cause hair thinning or even baldness. Safe to say, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, and so do hair extensions in general and I-tip extensions in particular.

I-tip hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that has gained increasing popularity. If you have ever wondered Do I tip extensions damage hair?”, keep scrolling down to find out the answer!

Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair

1. What Are I-tip Hair Extensions?

I-tip hair extensions get their name because the tip of the hair is pre-attached with Keratin glue in the I-shape, which tells it apart from others such as U-tip, V-tip, and so on.

In terms of application, I-tip extensions use a cold fusion method that requires no heat at all. This is also what distinguishes I-tip extensions from other types of keratin hair extensions. The installation process requires a hook or loop, micro rings or beads and fusing pliers. A hair stylist will thread a strand of natural hair together with a strand of I-tip extensions through a microbead and then clamp shut by pliers for a secure bond.

What are I-tip hair extensions
What are I-tip hair extensions?

2. Do I Tip Extensions Damage Hair? 

Now that we’ve had a clear understanding of what I-tip hair extensions are and how they are applied, let’s find out whether they cause damage to natural hair. To keep it short, I-tip extensions are not damaging by themselves. There are good reasons why they are preferred by so many people. Firstly, they are well-known for their tiny size, which means they won’t add too much weight to your hair, minimizing the risk of pulling and tugging hair. Secondly, as we’ve mentioned above, the application method of I-tip extensions hair is totally safe for your hair as there is no heat, glue, or sewing needed.

Do I tip extensions damage hair
The application method of I-tip extensions is safe for your hair

That being said, one can suffer from potential damage when wearing I-tip hair extensions, due to the following reasons:

2.1. Hair Type Incompatibility

I-tip hair extensions use a microbead technique, which involves your hair being threaded through a tiny metal loop in the extension’s base. Typically, this loop is crafted from copper or aluminum. However, it’s not recommended for women undergoing radiation or chemotherapy due to potential damage to their hair’s cuticles. Additionally, for those with curly or coarse hair, pulling it through these rings can cause tangling, snarling, and difficult removal, making I-tip extensions less suitable for individuals with springier hair types.

2.2. Improper Installation Technique

One of the main reasons why I-tip hair extensions can cause unwanted hair damage is that they are applied the wrong way. If the beads are placed too close to the scalp, they can restrict natural hair growth, cause discomfort, and put excessive tension on the hair. This can result in hair breakage, thinning, or even hair loss over time.

Hair type incompatibility
Microbeads are placed too close to the scalp

2.3. Not Re-adjusting I-tip Hair Extensions

As your natural hair continues to grow while you’re wearing I-tip extensions, the extensions will move away from the scalp, causing the beads to put increased tension on your hair. Therefore, you need to have your hair extensions readjusted after every 6 – 8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Failing to keep up with adjustment appointments can cause damage to your hair. Without regular adjustments, the hair extensions can become tangled and matted with your natural hair. This can cause knots and snarls, leading to hair breakage when attempting to detangle the hair. Moreover, it becomes difficult to maintain the hair extensions properly. You may not be able to wash, condition, and style the extensions and your natural hair as effectively, leading to a buildup of product, dirt, and oil, which can damage the hair.

3. Where To Buy High-quality I-tip Hair Extensions?

So we’ve had the answer to the question “Do I tip extensions damage hair?”. You can rest assured that I-tip hair extensions won’t be damaging if they are suitable for your hair type and installed and maintained properly. Overall, we highly recommend I-tip extensions for their numerous benefits, such as natural-looking result, comfortable feel, and safe installation method.

Where to buy high-quality I-tip hair extensions
Macsara – where you can buy high-quality I-tip hair extensions

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of I-tip extensions, Macsara – a leading Vietnamese human hair extension manufacturer is where you can place your trust for high-quality products. Our I-tip hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair for a soft, smooth, shiny, and long-lasting result. You can dye and style them just as you would with your natural hair. Coming in various textures, lengths, and colors, our I-tip extensions hair will help you find a perfect match and achieve your desired look!

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In conclusion, with proper application, maintenance, and choosing high-quality I-tip hair extensions, there is no inherent harm to your natural hair. It is essential to follow the guidelines provided by professionals and invest in reputable products to ensure a seamless and safe I-tip extension experience. We hope you’ll find this post helpful, and see you in other posts for more hair tips and tricks!

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