Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Do I - Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Hair extensions will leave your hair broken, extremely thin, and even cause baldness. This is a myth that’s been flowing year by year and may be true to some extent when it comes to more permanent types of hair extensions, which use heat, glue, or clamps for installation. Safe to say, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So does hair extensions in general and I-tip hair extensions in particular. Let’s explore these with MACSARA with our today post.

What are I-tip hair extensions?

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I-tip hair extensions get their name because the tip of the hair is covered with Keratin glue in the I-shape. That is the signature feature of this type which tells it apart from others such as U-tip, V-tip, and so on.

I-tip hair extensions are one of the most common hair products that lie in consideration of almost women in many countries around the world. You are wondering why it owns that “power”, aren’t you? It is the convenience in application and fusion which you insert these extensions into your natural hair that makes I-tip hair extensions so amazing.

When it comes to fusion hair extensions, I-tipped extensions are also known as Cold fusion which is a pre-tipped variety of hair extension that uses a cold method to connect the piece. This process requires a hook or loop, microtube and fusing pliers. This method works well for those who do not want to apply heat to their natural hair.

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In terms of application, I-tip hair extensions or Micro ring hair extensions (called after its main connector – small rings) use a technique with tiny copper rings to combine strands of natural hair with the hair extension. Also being well-known as micro bead or micro loop extensions, they are a smart choice when it comes to a longer-term hair extension solution. The hair extensions are applied one strand at a time with the rings keeping the extensions in place securely.

How long do I tip hair extensions last?

If you’re using I-tip hair extensions then they can last anything up to 14 weeks.

As hair grows about 1cm per month, hair can look quite messy and heavy by that time so you may want to remove them sooner than its expiration time. 8 – 10 weeks is optimum. What’s more? It is important to keep in mind that how long your micro ring hair extensions last has a lot to do with how they are maintained and took care of, including washing and drying as well as combing the I-tip hair extensions.

- Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Advantage of I-tip hair extensions

First, to mention, I-tip hair extensions are healthier for hair.  At first, the micro link is settled on the strand of the hair then the hair extension is inserted into the micro link and gets closed flat with special pliers. It’s an application process with no needed glue or mess which is relatively quick and most importantly very safe and non-damaging for your natural hair.

A person’s decision on which technique to adopt hair extensions may depend on several factors and first and foremost, she will measure the damage. The Micro Ring technique is generally supposed to be the safest way of attaching the extension hair because there is no need for glue or harsh chemical treatments to remove the attachments. If extensions are applied properly (clean sectioning and even weight distribution), micro link extensions allow the natural hair to grow healthily under. Additionally, the same hair can be reused for the second or the third time (given the hair is amazing quality) because you can remake the tip of the hair.

Advantage of I - Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Secondly, the I-tip hair extensions are so discrete. You can try to locate the beads and the I-tips, but you won’t succeed as they’re completely hidden under the hair. Why? All thanks to the tiny beads that hold them together. Not only are the beads really small in size and light in weight, but they also come in different colors. So, they are nearly invisible under your own hair! This means you have no limitations regarding different hairstyles, and you can relax, knowing that your extra hair is completely camouflaged.

Disadvantages of I-tip hair extensions

Disadvantages of I - Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

Typical, I-tip hair extensions are attached to your hair using a Micro-Ring process that involves pulling your hair through a small metal loop in the extension base. This loop is usually made of copper or aluminum, which is not suggested for women going through radiation or chemotherapy and can cut into your hair’s cuticles, causing damage. Pulling curly or coarse hair through these rings can also lead to tangling, snarling, and extremely tough removal, so Micro Rings may not be the way to go for women with “springier” hair types.

As mentioned above, the quality of the hair extensions has a great effect on the appearance of your hair. However, there exist so many tricky companies that sell poor quality hair extensions with high prices. If you don’t want to spend money (on a quack doctor) and only get worse, you can try MACSARA’s product. MACSARA is one of the leading companies in Vietnam that specializes in making hair extensions. All of our products are produced from 100% Vietnam human hair by the most skillful workers. So you don’t have to worry about tangle, shedding or chemical problems. Furthermore, we deliver them to you at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to visit our website. We are always willing to help you.