Do You Know 4 Well-Known Hair Stylists Of Viet Nam?

Hairstylists are all people who own “gold-hand”. They always have a passion for creating these unique hairstyles. Besides, they usually update the trend for teenagers.

Let be with MACSARA and browse through the list of famous hairstylists in Viet Nam below:

  1. Cali Pham

Cali Pham - Do You Know 4 Well-Known Hair Stylists Of Viet Nam?

Cali Pham is a young hairstylist. He impressed by his appearance. He looks so characteristic and “street-style”. His name is fairly acquainted with many celebrities. From now on, he is a hairstylist of numerous actors and singers.

Cali Pham is a person who stands behind the success of many celebrities in Viet Nam. He is criticized as an expert in predicting the trend from the world. Moreover, he also upgrades these hairstyles and makes a strong impression on spectators.

If you want to refer to some new hairstyles which catch on-trend, you can consult some hairstyles from him.

  1. Han Royal

Han Royal - Do You Know 4 Well-Known Hair Stylists Of Viet Nam?

Another talented hairstylist of Viet Nam that you must know. This is one of the well-known hairstylists in Vietnam showbiz.

His strong point is female hairstyle. His hairstyle has the tendency of girly style, attractive, and catches up with the trend over the world.

  1. Minh Phuong

Minh Phuong - Do You Know 4 Well-Known Hair Stylists Of Viet Nam?

If you a big fan of these Fashion Weeks and follow the fashion shows, you will get used to knowing about Minh Phuong hairstylist. She is one of the female hair stylists that can show off personality. With the infinite imagination and ability, she is so out-standing in a group of talented hairstylists in VN.

She used to be the main hairstylist in many fashion shows in Viet Nam, including in VNFW 2018. She is criticized as a professional person, always brings these unique hairstyles on catwalk floor.

  1. Leslie Do

Leslie Do - Do You Know 4 Well-Known Hair Stylists Of Viet Nam?

Leslie Do is one of these famous hairstylists in Viet Nam. He belongs to excellent hair stylists of the new generation. He achieved many awards for hairstyling competitions in Viet Nam and all over the world.

At the moment, he is the manager of a chain of professional hair styling salons in Viet Nam. If you have a desire to owning a trendy hairstyle as well as a suitable hairstyle for your own face, this is the hairdresser that you can count on.

Can you imagine if you are styled hairstyle by one of 4 professional hairstylists? What a memorable experiment, right?

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