Does Short Hair Make Your Face Look Fat?

Each person owns their own different face, no one like the other. Choosing a suitable hairstyle is not easy, especially girls who have a chubby face. But with these specialized hairstyles below, you don’t need “have a headache” to change into your hairstyle.



Shoulder-hairstyle will cover both of your cheeks, making the balance for your chubby face. Applying this hairstyle, your face will be slim and stunning.

Shoulder-lob hairstyle


This is an attractive hairstyle. If you possess a face which is in a circle, don’t hesitate, trying this shoulder-lob hairstyle.

The short hair with a sparse bang


With a big face, you need a suitable hairstyle to hide disadvantages on your face. Combining the short hairstyle with a sparse fang will make your face more stunning, attractive, and gorgeous.

The short hair + a long bang + the bent curly hairstyle


This hairstyle will bring you a stunning modern appearance. You must refer to some colors: Chesnut brown, light brown or even smoke color to create a characteristic appearance.

The short hair with the bent tail


A big face should go along with the medium-long hair to hide this weakness. The shoulder-short hairstyle will help you get an adorable appearance. In addition, your face will be slimmer.

Create for short hairstyles

With a chubby face, you will have numerous choices. Some hairstyles such as upper bun, braid the bang or tie half of the head,…are all applied for this specialized face.

The Wob hairstyle

The wob hairstyle is a new “wind” in tons of hairstyles for a big face. This type is so rabel, active, suitable for the chubby face.

The weaves hairstyle


Girls who are into a floated hairstyle can choose this type. The weaves hairstyle is not only unique but also cute will be a savior for those girls who possess a big face.

That was above some hairstyles which are ideal for girls who have a big face. To get more useful information, you can pick up the phone and be consulted about hair extensions to change into the appearance.