“Easy-Applying” Hair Extensions

Hair extensions – the fastest way to have thick hair

Hair extensions – the fastest way to have thick hair result - "Easy-Applying" Hair Extensions

What makes you worry when you purchase hair extensions? Material or cost? As far as you know: You get what you pay for, right? Not most girls know how to apply for hair extensions in the right way. So, you need to buy hair extensions from prestigious companies to get the most high-quality product.

If you are not clever at making hairstyle, you must choose the type of hair extensions which is effortless to apply. Of course, most hair extensions are all designed for those who are unprofessional hair maker. Today, let MACSARA introduces you to some “easy-applying hair extension” to let you consider before buying.

You cannot wait for 6 or 12 months to nurture your real hair? Hair extensions do not only bring your favorite length but also help your hair thicker and easy style. For 2 centuries recently, manufacturing technology was changed quickly. It brings to customers many choices about color, standard, length, and texture. Instead of styling hair by a thread, lead clip-in, or plastic waves, you can consult 3 ways which are the newest methods currently: clip-in, tape-in, and bonded.


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This is a simple method, convenient and economical. Clip-in hair extensions are designed into each set, you can clip in your hair or take off easily if you want. This is the most popular choice for many girls.


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Tape-in hair extensions are glued into your real hair by a specialized sticking-plaster. This method is so suitable with slender hair, slim and fragile which is easy to be shed. It doesn’t affect to root of your hair severely. A wig which made by clip in hair extensions can last up to 6 or 8 weeks and just takes at most 3 hours to style. Tape-in hair extensions are high-quality and can take off and reuse several times.


This is a method that has the most expensive cost. Bonded hair extensions are glued into the root of your hair by melting keratin. This way usually takes 4 or 6 hours to finish. You can keep this hairstyle up to 6 months as well as have the most natural hairstyle.

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You must consider what type of hairstyle which you want to style in advance to get the most suitable hairstyle. A beautiful natural wig is usually expensive. So if your own hair is not too slender and you don’t want to add the length of hair too long, you can style half of your hair instead of whole hair to save the fee.

You must link your hair with bonded hair extensions before styling to keep it firmly. Professional hair makers who have many experiences will consult you on the most suitable type without damage. You should not keep this hairstyle for over 4 months. Because when your hair grows up, bonded hair extensions will be leaked out.

Both tape-in and bonded hair extensions need specialized liquid to take off. You ought to go to the barbershop to avoid affecting badly to the root of your hair: fragile and shedding.

Those are all types of “easy-applying hair extensions” that MACSARA wants to show you. If you have a desire for hair extensions, you can sign on our website: MACSARA, our employees are always ready for consulting you enthusiastically.