Easy-To-Follow Tutorial To Retape Your Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions – once you try them you cannot live without them! The added volume and lengths give you and undeniable confidence. Are you a daily extension wearer and want to get your money’s worth out of your tape-in extensions? If yes, then this blog is for you. Because MACSARA will show you how to re-tape your tape-in hair extensions. Now you can reuse your old extensions instead of buying new ones! Follow us!

Tape in hair extensions are a revolutionary discovery to the hair extension market in regard to how quickly and easily a full head can be applied or removed, in comparison to traditional methods such as keratin and weft hair extensions. Also, there is a wide range of advantages associated with these hair bundles, including the ease of reusing the products after the initial first fitting.

So how do you re-tape a set of tape-in hair extensions? Here we share it with you through the process.

The process will be carried out with 2 main stages:

  • Stage 1: Prepare the hair extensions to be re-taped
  • Stage 2: Retape your hair extensions

Now, let’s see the detail of each stage.

1. Prepare the hair extensions beforehand

When you had already taken the tape-in hair extensions out of your real hair using an acetone-based removal solution, it is critically important to prepare them correctly for the retape process. We highly recommend you do the re-tape game until the following steps have been taken, otherwise, the result will not be as you expect.

Step 1: Remove the excess tape

Although the tapes have been removed from your real hair, it doesn’t mean all of the original tapes have been detached from the extension piece. Remember to apply lots of acetone to the tapes to get the excess glue off your tapes.

Step 2: Wash and condition your hair extensions 

Once the excess tapes have been removed, you should thoroughly wash the hair extensions with a suitable shampoo. This helps remove all the acetone that can make the new tape not attach properly. Then remember to blow-dry the hair with cool mode or let it dry naturally. Especially, add some conditioner to the hair for the best condition.

2. Retape the hair extensions

Now you have the well-prepared hair on hand, it’s time to renew it one more time. This last task is super simple. Let’s get started!

First, comb through extension hair to remove tangles and knots. Then lay them on a clean surface.

Then measure bonding tape and cut the piece you need from the tape roll.  Remember let the tape slightly wider than the tabs.

Carefully place the new tape piece directly where the original tape was applied. Leaving the reverse sticker still in place.

Press the bonding-tape and tab together firmly and cut away the excess tape.

And now you’ve done it all. Your tape-in hair extensions are ready for reapplication! Take it to the next charming!

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Thanks for your attention, get ready for the next sharing blog!