Easy Trendy Korean Hairstyles

The carefulness in Korean beauty steps seems to have become a famous feature when it comes to them. But nowadays, not only the skin but also hair is focused on them. We noticed that just like the French, Koreans love to wear hairstyles that look easy, effortless, and strategically imperfect; this gives their features a youthful effect and the best part about Korean hairstyles is they’re easy to achieve! If you’re ready to take your K-beauty addiction to the next level, read on the MACSARA article for the Korean hairstyles that you can ask for the next time you visit the salon!

Boyish Bob

Trendy Korean Hairstyles
Trendy Korean Hairstyles

This type of Korean hairstyle is a combination of choppy micro bangs with a bob! To give it a bit of texture and movement, add some layers and scrunch your locks for that I’ve-been-having-fun-all-day look. Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face Shape: Oval, Heart, Diamond, Square

Low Ponytail

Such a classic! The Korean version of a low ponytail entails adding waves to give it volume, as well as taking out a few small pieces of wavy hair to make it look “undone.” You can also add in sheer or see-through bangs for a softer effect! Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face ShapeRound, Oval, Square, Heart, Diamond

Oval-Shaped Bob

If you’re afraid of cutting your hair short, you can always start with the oval-shaped bob since it is super similar to a lob! This Korean hairstyle has short layers in the front with longer ones in the back to create a circular or oval shape. You can also pair it with layered and feathery bangs, instead of a blunt fringe. Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face Shape: Oval, Heart, Round, Diamond

Textured Waves

The main difference between textured waves and beach waves is for the former, it’s all about adding a bit of mess and not caring which way your hair is parted. Aside from this giving your hair extra volume, it’s also part of the coolness of this look! Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face Shape: Oval, Round, Square, Heart

Tousled Hair

Tousled hair is the ultimate Korean cool-girl hairstyle! By combining wavy and straight pieces, tossing it over to the side, and messing it up, this results in the perfect “don’t care” hairstyle! Hair TypeStraight, Wavy, Curly Face Shape: Oval, Square, Heart, Diamond, Round

Sleek Half-Ponytail

Moving on to the opposite of messy and undone is the popular sleek half-ponytail! This Korean hairstyle is perfect for you because it brings a look more put-together and polished. You can cop the “innocent” look by taking a hair straightener and flipping the ends of your strands in. Hair Type: Straight Face Shape: Oval, Round, Square, Heart, Diamond

Wavy Bob

This is Anna Wintour’s signature bob but with more waves to frame the face! To get the look, you’re going to need a curling iron. First, take a large section of your hair and wrap it around the curling wand’s barrel. Hold it for a few seconds and release it. If the wave is too tight, run your fingers through it while it’s still warm. Repeat the process until you have soft and pretty waves! Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face Shape: Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Diamond

80s Curls

Big, bold, and voluminous, three words that defined hairstyles in the 80s. If you know how to combine this hairdo with a suitable makeup style, you will become a lovely princess in every look. Hair Type: Curly, Wavy Face Shape: Oval, Square, Heart

The Shag

Here’s a hairstyle we never thought would be popular again! The modern Korean version still calls for a ton of layers, but instead of leaving it choppy, bouncy curls and waves are used. This ‘do is perfect if you’re sick of all the bobs, lobs, and waves; it’ll give you a chic, yet dramatic, change! Hair TypeStraight, Wavy Face Shape: Heart, Round, Diamond, Oval, Square

Romantic Curls

One of the most famous Korean hairstyles today. To get the look, part your hair in the center, curl large sections of your hair in different directions and brush through them to give it a softer finish. Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face Shape: Heart, Round, Diamond, Oval, Square

The Hun

This stylish hairstyle was well-known from 2016 but is slowly being revived by Korean pop stars and being given a doll-like twist. Instead of combining the Hun with beach waves, Korean-celebrities wear it with longer tresses and full bangs. Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Face Shape: Oval, Round, Heart, Diamond, Square How do you feel after reading this post? To have an ideal Korean hairstyle you also improve some MACSARA Clip-in straight hair extensions with black color. Not only these clip-ins enhance your hair thickness but also give you a new, fresh look. On the other hand, if you don’t want to harm your hair health, our hair is safe for you. The reason is that all products are made from 100% virgin hair from Vietnamese human so there are no bugs, insects, lice or even shed.Visit the MACSARA website to get other useful information about hair care as well as hair extensions.