Emma Watson: The Natural Beauty Shines Even Without Makeup

How does Emma Watson no makeup look? Does the natural beauty underneath the cosmetic layers still remain its marvelousness?

Who is Emma Watson?

Born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, France, the fate seems to have deliberately arranged for Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (referred to as Emma Watson) to become a precious British rose, after she had to move to Oxfordshire with her family and then being raised here. Ever since she was a little girl, Emma had always dreamt of becoming a famous actress before the dream was officially fulfilled as she landed herself as the 2nd lead role in popular series Harry Potter series, a film based on the hit series of novels by J.K. Rowling.

Her role as Hermione Granger in this Harry Potter film franchise is not only the beginning point but also the breakthrough in Emma acting career. Watson grew up on camera parallel to the growth of her character as one the best friend of Harry Potter, throughout the entire film series. After a decade of committing to the Harry Potter series, Watson had a successful transition into a popular adult actress and model, having appeared in some popular movies such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, My Week with Marilyn and the latest project is Beauty and the Beast.

Besides the successful acting career, Emma is also a student at Brown University. Despite the hectic schedule, she always manages to stay fit, healthy, and beautiful, and knows how to be prominent and shining whether on-cam or off-cam. MACSARA has rounded up some gorgeous pictures of Emma Watson without makeup that will definitely stun you! Take a look!

Some pictures of Emma Watson no-makeup

[1] Being idiosyncratic arriving to meet her boyfriend

Being idiosyncratic arriving to meet her boyfriend large

Emma Watson was spotted at the JFK airport when she was arriving with her boyfriend Will Adamowics. The actress looks a bit disturbed in this picture as she might feel annoyed with the paparazzi following her every step. Despite that, Emma still looks divine even without makeup. Our young talent opts for a minimalist style with a white trouser, a long-sleeved blacktop, with the short straight brunette hair is left loosen down freely underneath the black cap, she looks simple yet fashionable.

[2] In a winter day

In a winter day large

Emma was snapped in NYC while heading into Chelsea Mall for shopping. She was dressed up in a black jacket with a grey scarf while carrying a trendy Burberry leather bag as an accessory for a studded look. As opposed to the seductive and mature style when appearing to the public, without a hint of makeup, the British rose looks fresh and youthful for her age. The short layered-cut light brown bob is a perfect choice of hairstyle, making Watson look even a few more years younger, accessorizing her small lovely face as well as the bright smile. The actress looks even more radiant than early morning sunlight which is shining on her.

[3] Modern style

Modern style large

Emma was again captured wandering in NYC in an overly casual and comfortable outfit. Unlike the above picture which was taken in the winter, this time the famous star rocks on a summer costume as she wears a striped tee, blazer, and brogues paired, still a simple and relaxed style as she often chooses for her casual times. Although the girl still leaves her face makeup-free, the feeling that this photo brings is totally different from the previous’. With just a little change in hairstyle, in which the hair is neatly wrapped into a low ponytail with two loosen side bangs framing the face, and adding a big black sunscreen, Emma immediately transforms into the modern yet enchanting girl.

[4] Feminine airport style

Feminine airport style large

Another picture of Emma Watson at the JFK airport in NYC. Not afraid of displaying the almost bared face before the hundred camera lens of journalists, the 29-year-old star confidently shows off her flawless skin without being covered by tons of makeup layers. She looks absolutely graceful and fresh going through the terminal with just a tinted lip balm and a light stroke of mascara. The outfit is still simplified as usual with a knitted jumper, slim fitted jeans, and a large pale grey scarf wrapped around the neck. The lovely brown hair is neatly tied back into a low ponytail with the black sunscreen used as an accessory tucked on top of the head, for a stylish yet super feminine look.

[5] Stylish style while going to meet up with friends

Stylish style while going to meet up with friends large

Emma always chooses for herself the idiosyncratic styles while enjoying her time-off, and this time is not an exception. Emma once again proves her great fashion sense by wearing a long black coat underneath the same color vest. The pixie haircut looks extremely suitable for her and brings her the fancy yet super alluring appearance. Her face is totally makeup-free but still looks ravishing.

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup 1 large

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup 2 large

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup 3 large

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup 4 large

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup 5 large

Some more pictures of Emma Watson without makeup 6 large

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