Enjoying these stunning hairstyles of Irina Shayk 

With her divine beauty along with her handsome boyfriends – Bradley Cooper will be the envy of many women in the world. Her Russian beauty has become an ideal symbol of the fashion world which is the most sought in these days. She received international recognition when taking on as the first Russian model of the cover – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Remarkably, she is ranked as “Industry icon” by Models.com.

If you are stuck with opting for hairstyles you desire most among myriads of others on the Internet, browse this article to find the best response for your tough question.

Bronze wavy hair 


Irina looked shiny with ethereal beauty in the Diane von Furstenberg show when wearing a bronze wavy hair along with a chic floral headpiece. This hairstyle seems to suits the color of her skin. All in one creates a perfect appearance.

Ballerina-inspired bun

There are so many volunteers willing to die a little bit when the Russian beauty turns her head with her graceful ballerina-inspired bun and messy loose strands for a laidback finish. The way she turns her head completely showcases her best angle along with her white teeth in front of the camera. Her elegant look gives an unforgettable touch to the hearts of millions.

High ponytail 

At the 2017 Fashion Awards, the Russian model showed off her noble temperament with high ponytail secured with a loop and well-hidden clips. It can be undeniable that this hairstyle makes her face brighter with a wide forehead and a high nose. Also, her pose contributes to highlighting her slender body.

Retro loose waves 

The brunette beauty can escape out of old Hollywood when pairing retro loose waves that are swept to one side with e red lipstick. Besides, the contrast between her brown hair and her v-line white dress once makes her glamorous beauty stand out.

Slicked back up up-do 

At the 2019 BAFTAs, Irina looked chic and luxurious in a slicked back up up-do. No one can wear this Parisian hairstyle, but Russian beauty can nail it easily. She shines with a fashionable style in a black suit and her hair combed neatly. All create a graceful but powerful Irina. 

Sweet parting

No word can express her girly beauty through this sweet parting and her colorful sexy dress. Simply create a middle parting take some strands of the left side, make a small plait and pin it towards the back of your hair. Similarly, repeat those steps mentioned above on the right side and we complete a stunning hairstyle only by a few simple steps. Only with this simple hairstyle, Irina Shayk knocks down men in the world in a twinkle.

Poker straight bob 

At the Golden Globe Award in 2019, Irina was the center of attention with a straight bob and light make-up. This perfect hairstyle portrays her modern and sporty style. Needless to say, she looks much younger when applying this poker straight bob. She doesn’t need to wear a gorgeous make-up and fussy hairstyle, she showcases her attractiveness. Moreover, she is also intelligent in choosing this hairdo to show her clavicle collar-bone. You can choose this hairstyle for daily activities since it doesn’t take you much time.

Choppy bob with micro-bangs

Undoubtedly, this is a big hair transformation of Irina Shayk. The Russian supermodel styles her brunette mane in favor of a choppy bob complete with wispy micro bangs. And it’s not hard to admit that she pulled the hairstyle off with aplomb, wearing it tucked behind her ears and in a saturated texture.

After going around this article, we’re certain that you can come up with some ideas about impressive hairstyles for special events as well as your daily routines.

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