Essential Oils For Hair Growth And Hair Loss

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss can be a devastating event. And it doesn’t just affect aging people. Many young people lose their hair due to stress, bad health, pregnancy, or hormone imbalance. Therefore, using essential oils for hair growth in your hair care treatment is a hot trend, from products infused with essential oils to homemade coconut oil deep conditioners.

For centuries, people have used oils for various purposes like medicinal and cosmetic. But now, you can find them easily in many shampoos, serums, and other hair care products. If you want to use essential oils effectively, you should choose natural components such as lavender, rosemary, chamomile, cedarwood, clary sage, lemongrass, and peppermint.

Encourage Hair Growth

Encourage Hair Growth
Encourage Hair Growth

It’s common for hair loss sufferers to turn to hair replacement surgery and topical hair loss products in hopes of regaining their full heads of hair, but your first line of defense when combatting hair loss should be to address the root cause, whether that’s by boosting circulation, fighting inflammation or adding moisture.

The amazing thing about essential oils is that a few drops can do all of these things for you. For example, stimulate hair growth, help you prevent and reverse hair loss without using products containing chemicals.

Get Rid of Dandruff

Another common concern is how to get rid of dandruff, a skin disorder that affects 50 percent of the world population. Dandruff is caused by the build-up of dead skin and in more severe cases, a yeast-like organism aggravates it. It can also be caused by hair care products that contain chemical ingredients that leave your scalp red, itchy and scaly.

Lavender and lemongrass have the gentle, healing and moisturizing will help you to combat dandruff naturally — relieving common hair care issues like the flaky and itchy scalp.

Nourish Your Hair

Nowadays, people tend to spend a lot of money on hair care products that are used to leave your hair looking shinier, smoother and straighter. Unfortunately, many of these products are doing more harm than good. Keratin treatment, for instance, contains toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, which is known to be a human carcinogen.

Instead of turning to these fast and conventional methods, using essential oils for hair will make your locks stronger and healthier, without the potential side effects. The hydrating, soothing and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of essential oils work to nourish your hair naturally.

Prevent Oily Hair

Your sebaceous glands, or oil glands, are responsible for maintaining proper hydration levels through the sebum or the oil that they produce. This is what gives your hair a healthy shine, but when your glands produce too much oil, it can make your hair look greasy, even when you just washed it that morning. Some essential oils, like peppermint, can help you to control sebum production that leaves your hair oil-free and shiny.

Reduce Stress and Balance Hormones

Research shows that stress is associated with hair loss and so is a hormone imbalance. Stress triggers inflammation and prematurely induces hair follicle regression, leading to hair loss. It may seem too easy, you just need to simply diffuse calming and stress-relieving essential oils like lavender and clary sage at home can help to reverse hair loss naturally.

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You also can combine your essential oils and a carrier oil to massage the mixture into your scalp. That is a good way to help you add essential oils to your everyday shampoo or conditioner. Macsarahair offers some DIY recipes that will also help to boost the health of your hair:

  • To help thicken your hair naturally, use a combination of rosemary, cedarwood, and sage essential oils. These oils will stimulate your hair follicles by increasing circulation to the scalp and helping to balance your hormones.
  • You want to avoid using conventional hair sprays because many conventional products on the market today include toxins that you don’t want anywhere near your head and face. To help set your hair and prevent flyaways, use this homemade hair spray that’s made with lavender and rosemary, plus vodka and cane sugar, which will give you the hold you’re looking for.
  • Put 2–3 drops of peppermint oil to your conditioner to get rid of greasy hair.
  • Improving your hair and scalp a good hair mask treatment weekly can help take care of unruly strands, moisturize your hair and add shine.
  • Add 2–3 drops of chamomile oil to your hair before going out in the sun to protect your hair from UV rays.

Hopefully, you can apply these useful things from this post! If you have any question please give Macsarahair.

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