Everything You Should Know Before Getting Hair Colored Balayage

Among plenty of hair dye trends nowadays, Balayage has become one of the most requested styles by young girls in hair salons around the world. Although the dyeing technique has appeared for a quite long time, the popularity of this hair dye style has just really exploded in the past few years as the modern hairstylists have always tried to perfect this dyeing skill, turn it really into art.


Balayage has been preferred by many celebrities and supermodels as this dyeing technique can easily show off their alluring beauty, add charm and enhance their glamour. Have you ever watched a show and had to “wow” about your favorite artist’s hair Balayage and desired to have the familiar hair dye? Before going to the hair salons to make the dream come true, you should read on this post to learn everything about balayage, to achieve a celebrity-status hair without turning into a ridiculous appearance.

What is Balayage?

Balayage” means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ in French. It’s a dyeing technique in which the dye is hand-painted onto the hair so that gives it a natural, gradual transition without any obvious or harsh lines. The exquisite blend of various tones of light and dark for multiple dimensions of color, making the hair look more blended and glowing.

One outstanding thing about balayage is that the color can be customized toward your hair color and hair type. Depending on freehand painting, you can accent or diminish some certain features on your face. You will never have to concern about having a person trying to duplicate exactly your hair color.

What is the difference between balayage and highlights?

Many people may mistakenly think that these two dyeing techniques are the same as they somehow look quite similar. In fact, balayage has softer, less obvious color lines than traditional highlights, which brings a more gentle and natural look. Not edgy and stripy like the foil highlights, the balayage highlights are less consistent, thus leaving a spectacular, natural multi-toned color.

How about the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

They are all highlighting dyeing techniques but there are some key differences.

Ombre” has “shadow” meaning in French. It’s a dyeing technique that dyes the hair in a seamless gradation from darker to lighter. The hair after dyeing comes out with the darker hair from the roots to the mid-shaft and the lighter hair from the mid-shaft to the ends, with a smooth transition between two parts.

On the other hand, Balayage hair, as mentioned above, means to ‘paint’ or ‘sweep’ – it’s a dyeing process resulting in natural-looking highlights. For balayage, the color is seamlessly blended with your natural hair color. Thus, there is no clear division between the dark part and the light part. Balayage hair also requires less maintenance due to this special feature.

These two dyeing techniques are all beautiful and popular recently. They also are, however, quite complicated and difficult. For a dye job like this, it’s very important to go to an experienced and delicate hairdresser unless your hair could end up being harsh and unblended.

How can you tell if your balayage hair has been done accurately?

The typical features of balayage are gentle, exquisite and seamless blends. Thus, the dyed tresses should be close together and soft at the root as well as thickening toward the end. This work requires the delicate hands of professional hair colorists who have enough experience and knowledge in this field. If not done properly, the balayage could turn out to be patchy and ridiculous. Be sure to check out the hairstylist’s Instagram to consult their previous works and read the comments before deciding who would dye your hair.

How to maintain the Balayage hair?

Due to the natural transition between the dyed pieces, this hairstyle does not require too much maintenance. However, like with any color-treated hair, it’s necessary to protect your hair using the right hair products for long-lasting hair color and healthy hair. To ensure the color is not fast fade as well as to eliminate the brassy tones until the next salon visit, the salon-quality sulfate-free shampoo and a purple reinforcing shampoo are recommended. Don’t forget to consult your hairstylists about hair care tips for your specific style to remain the hair color as long as possible.

If you’re finding a fabulous natural look, then you should consider trying Balayage hair at least once. However, if you’re not sure about how the hair will turn out and afraid of damaging the hair if the dyeing process is not done properly, then trying on the hair extensions at first is not a bad idea. MACSARA’s hair extensions, which all made of 100% virgin hair of Vietnamese women, will allow you to restyle or re-dye in any way you want. Visit our store for more information!