Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

Know more about this beautiful Youtuber, Pokimane no makeup, her marvelous hairstyles, and so on!

In the digital era as nowadays, there are more and more people who are very famous, not in the entertainment industry but on social media. Among various big names who took advantage of the internet, we cannot miss out on Pokimane – a beautiful pro gamer, content creator, and vlogger. Not only built a successful image as a social media icon, but the girl can also earn a significant amount from her lucrative career. Pokimane is very popular among amateur gamers, however, many of us may not know about this young talent as she is still not a Hollywood star or famous singer, etc. anyway.

So, we’ve rounded up some interesting facts about Pokimane as well as her fabulous hairstyles, to help you know more about this lovely girl.

Loose Curly Long Blonde Hair

Loose Curly Long Blonde Hair large result - Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

With the real name is Imane, she is a The League of Legends Twitch superstar and famous Youtuber, who was born in Morocco on May 14, 1996. Her parents moved her to Canada soon after the girl’s birth, so the young girl has grown up well here.

Come to the current career as a destiny, Pokimane is not only famous for her funny content on the internet but also famous for the beautiful lovely visual. The young talent always knows how to choose the hairstyles, makeup, etc. to be best looking on the screen. As you can see from this picture, Pokimane looks gorgeous with long blonde hair, styled with some loose curls to enhance femininity and gracefulness.

Floating Long Brunette Hair

Floating long brunette hair large result - Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

Take advantage of a small oval-shaped face, Pokimane always knows the ways to enhance her beauty and capture every opposite eye. In this selfie posted on her personal page, Pokimane looks feminine and graceful yet still appealing and alluring. The girl confidently stares at the camera taking a selfie with the floating hair swept on one side of the shoulder. The soft curls combining with several light brown highlights work perfectly to add dimension and depth for hair for a more charming look.

Straight Black-Platinum Ombre Hair

Straight black platinum ombre hair large result - Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

Considered as a peculiarity of career, for making various content on the internet, Pokimane often has to change various looks to cosplay different game characters. To do that, she must ask for indispensable help from the wigs (that’s why we see so many wig hair extensions at the back in this picture!). Okay let’s look at Pokimane now, she looks fancy yet still cute and pretty with straight ombre hair. The black hair roots and the platinum ends create an interesting contrast but fashionable. However, I doubt that she was wearing a wig in this (still beautiful though!!).

Soft Curly Blonde Ombre Hair

Soft curly blonde ombre hair large result - Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

Pokimane looks like a real princess in this blonde wig (yes, it’s a wig, the girls had admitted herself). Seriously though, this is maybe one of the most beautiful looks of the young Youtuber, also the shaping that I like the most from her. The light blonde hair works perfectly well flattering her white soft skin, not to mention the soft curls helping to significantly increase the femininity and gracefulness, giving her an extremely outstanding appearance. And it seems like not just me but a lot of Poki’s fans went crazy with this look of her that the girls proudly posted this selfie on her Twitter captioning “you like my hair? gee thanks, just bought it”.

Still Beautiful Even Without Makeup

Still Beautiful even without makeup large result - Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

This may be an unhappy memory for her. The girl once faced with controversy about her bare face as she got tons of backlash for not wearing makeup on her stream. In fact, one of the reasons contributing to her popularity is her cute beautiful visual, so when she decided to show up a “pokimane no makeup” on her stream (as she supposed to make a makeup tutorial video), there were some rude “fans” getting shook and criticizing her appearance and how it was different from when she had makeup on.

Still Beautiful even without makeup 1 large result - Exposure Pokimane’s Most Marvelous Hairstyles Ever!

She still looks beautiful though, even when didn’t put on any makeup layers and the hair was not styled in any way, the girl still exudes the beauty of confidence and looks fresh.

A good thing that Pokimane has then received waves of support from fans and fellow streamers defending her by posting pictures of their bare face on Twitter. And this controversy seemed to not affect the female streamer too much as she had been fully aware of the incoming backlash but then decided it was not important for her to pay attention.

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