• Price is a little high, but quality is good. If you feel it expensive, I can show you lower price? It suites for you.
  • We can say for sure that money ensure the quality. Our Unique selling point is QUALITY. Besides that, we also have good customer’s services. Always be willing to answer all your questions and fix out all problems that you have in process of ordering.
  • I think our prices very completive other company dear. It’s the wholesale prices dear.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience but we could not. We always keep the customer’s information in secret, that will not affect their business. But we can show you their feedbacks about our products so that you can make sure.

Because we sell at factory price only. In comparing with others, our price is really reasonable. We earn little profit. When you become our loyal customers, we will have many discounts for you in each order.

Sorry, our price is wholesale price so I only can discount for you 4$/kg when you buy over 10 kg per month. Our hair is high quality so this price is suitable. I can’t discount when you buy with a little amount.

From 800 to 1000 kilograms monthly.

We are a manufacturing company. We have our own factory and we started our business for more than 5 years.

We are a big company in VN, you can find us on all media such as Youtube, instagram, facebook, VK..  And see our feedbacks from customers.

  • Maybe the Customs knew it is real human hair
  • They checked and store your hair a few days, so you have to pay the warehouse charges, Custom fees…

I will make a new invoice for you. How much do you want to declare?

Shipping company will ship hair to you in next few days. Or you can contact to shipping company and go to shipping company to receive hair.

Dear, Closure is made by hand 100%, it takes 2-3days one staff only make 1 SET. So next time, when you order closure, please tell me soon, we will make in time for you.

Actually, In this time, we have many big orders, and we are improving technology so some orders are delayed.  We will try to make quickly for you and send as soon as!