You can check delivery at UPS/DHL’s website: (link…)

Yes dear, I understand. I will declare synthetic hair and low value.

Check the price and send it to the customer

Yes, because UPS is a reliable shipping company so please give us your exact address, the hair will be sent to you safely.

  • After receiving your payment we will prepare the hair to ship. When it’s ready I will ship it immediately and it can take 3 -5 days to ship.
  • It takes about 2-4 days to ship to Euro, Russia, Australia, American and about 4-5 days ship to Africa.

I will ship to you by DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS. (Nigeria: Besides, If you have your shipping agency in China, I will ship to your agency, then they will ship to you)

Because our price is not including any fees like shipping fee or bank fee. It’s net price, and we still have pay bank charge when we drawn money from bank about 50-70 $, so we can’t under total bank fee. If you don’t want to pay bank charge, you can do others payment: Western Union, Money Grams or Master Card (with fee is only 2.8 %)

Yes, signature is requested. We would like to make sure that UPS will deliver the hair to right address

  • If you feel your product is unsatisfactory and would like a refund or an exchange, you must return it to us within 02 days since the days you receive it according to shipping agency track. Postage must be covered by the sender and it’s the responsibility to ensure that their return postage is appropriately covered.
  • In case you want return the product, we will refund product price and shipping fee back after 2 working days we receive the right product.
  • Pls notice that before shipping, we always take pictures and videos of the hair and send to customers. To avoid any dispute, please check pictures and videos with sales that you spoke to.

In fact, PayPal charges us much about 7-8% fee in which we just want to receive exact amount to make hair so we support you 4% and you also pay 4% to make up for this fee.

Because blonde cuticle is lost a part after bleaching. so hair is thinner, you should comb the hair when hair dry, not wet.

You should comb curly and deep wavy black and brown when hair is wet, not comb when hair is dry. Hair is easy tangle when hair is dry.