Feeling “Dizzy” With These Longest Hairstyles In The World

Are you fed up with washing hair because you think your hair is too long? This is a good chance for you to refer to some hairstyles which are so amazing that you cannot imagine length.

Linmei Ni

Limmer Ni comes from China. She is a person who owns a peculiar hairstyle. Obviously, she is totally proud of her hairstyle. It lengths about 2,53m and be nurtured for 14 years.

Although it is really inconvenient for her daily life, she never ever thinks about cutting hair off. Every time she wants to measure how long her hair is, she has to stand on the chair and count on relative’s help.

Linmei’s hair is superiorly long but it is jet black color. Her hair is so smooth, sleek and no split end. Other people usually advise her to take part in a hair major, she is definitely successful.

There is a ton of ladies who want to know her secret or at least she can earn an enormous amount of money if she would like to sell it.

Cheng Sequin

She lives in China, too. Cheng processes a long hairstyle with 2,45 m (in 2010). Her hair used to be the longest hair in China.

She starts nurturing her hair when she was 16 years old. She is so successful in developing her beauty salon but she never ever cuts any strand.

She usually takes 2 hours to wash hair up and 1 hour to brush hair. Although her hair is about 2.5m, she doesn’t feel satisfied. In the future, she wants to be the person who owns the longest hair in the world.

Triple those who never cut hair down

They are all special guests in “Good Morning Talkshow” in Korea.  They were born in the same family. Since they were given birth, they never ever cut their hair off.

Their hair’s length is quite different from others but they all get superior long hair. The first sibling has hair which is 1,8m. The second sibling has hair which is 1,7m and the last one has hair which is 1,45m. If we summarize, the total length is about 5m.

Because of their long jet black hair, they have to buy 20 shampoos a month.

Xie Qiuping

She lives in China, too. She keeps a record of Guinness and well-known for being a person who owns the longest hair in the world.

Her hair has been nurturing when she was just 13 years old. From now and then, she doesn’t have a demand for cutting hair.

Natasha Moraes de Andrade

She comes from Brazil. She is just 12 years old but her hair is equal to her height. Natasha heights 1,6m and surprisingly, her hair is 1,55m.

Although she lives in a rural area, her family has to spend 400 euros a year on buying shampoo.

At this moment, she really wants to sell her hair. Recently, she publicizes that she is so into her hair. She is definitely so sad if she has to sell it. The problem is that she cannot do anything with such long thick hair. She hopes to sell it about 3.500 £ and use it to redecorate her room. She wants to have a new life.

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