Flattering hairstyles for round face

You are not the only one who is trying to find out the most suitable hairstyle with the aim of slimming your roundness and highlight your feature. Well, don’t worry. A piece of good news is that there are plenty of celebrities who are in the same situation have an amazing experiment with a flattering hairstyle.  If you opt for the right haircut which can create the illusion of the length then everything will be alright. Keep scrolling down to find out some of the most stunning hairstyles that match perfectly with your round faces.

  1. Olivia Munn’s Messy Ponytail

macsara olivia munn large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

The hairstylist relaxes the loose strands from this ponytail with the aim of creating more length to the round the face and accentuate your features.

  1. Miranda Kerr’s Voluptuous Waves

macsara miranda kerr large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for the round face since the bouncy waves camouflage the roundness and deep side-parted along with cinnamon-brown makes Miranda more stunning and stylish.

  1. Lucy Hale’s Thick Pony

macsara lucy hale large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

You may think that round face might stay away from the hair pulled away from a face or that kind of hairstyles. However, the center-parted sleek ponytail hairstyle tied high back your head will enhance some texture around the face at the same time boost your femininity.

  1. Jenna Dewan’s Rounded Bob

macsara jenna dewan tatum large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

If you’re worried that short or bob hairstyle will accentuate the round shape of your face – but in fact, you can take Jenna as a typical example to see bob can work on the round face too. The sleek side-parted ultimately affect the shape of her face.

  1. America Ferrera’s Natural Waves

macsara america ferrera large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

Don’t afraid to rock your natural waves. Especially, the key thing is that they visually elongate the face and those face-framing waves give the slimming effect by balancing the roundness ever so slightly.

  1. Cameron Diaz’s Long and Straight

macsara cameron diaz large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

The long straight hairstyle may be one of the simplest ones that you can choose for your face shape especially the mid-length hair. This style will be much flattering since the curtain effect will definitely highlight your feature and sliming your round shape. However, if you have thinning and fine hair, this haircut might not be the one for you.

  1. Selena Gomez’s Long Hair with Bangs

macsara color 5 large - Flattering hairstyles for round face

You should not forget to try on bangs when it comes to choosing the hairstyle for round face. The bangs ultimately work on round-shape faces since it can elongate the face and contour the roundness of your face. Selena looks super gorgeous and stunning with this easy hairstyle.

Here are some of our best recommendations ever about the hairstyle for round face. Keep following MACSARA to read other information about hair extensions and learn some tips to care for your hair. If you want to try on different hairstyles, visit MACSARA.com to buy the best hair extensions.