Flattering Summer Short Hairstyles

The bloom of cherry blossoms has ended so far, instead of radiant sunlight shining even in the early morning which is some of the first signs of summer. The summer has just come around and it is absolutely the time for you to kick start your new chapter. If you’ve yearned for a short haircut, then lop off your locks. You want to shed your old traits, then try on some new color. It is only because changing your hairstyles is one of the first things to help to change your look. Plus, you will feel really irritated by the sweaty and boiling heat in such high-temperature days. It is no wonder that you are super tired of long tresses that tend to sweaty hair sticks into your cheek, your face or your neck after going out for a short period of time. So, we are trying to say that you should go for a shorter haircut such as shoulder, chin, or collar bone skimming styles this summer. We’ve rounded up a wealth of flattering short hair ideas from celebrity inspo to help you figure out which one will be perfect for you.  Keep scrolling down and get inspiration from those gorgeous hairstyles.

Lupita Nyong’o hairstyle

Lupita Nyong'o hairstyle
Lupita Nyong’o hairstyle

The actress has worn this unique hairstyle throughout the years and this hairstyle absolutely looks good on her. If you have such a special hair texture like her, be confident to embrace your natural hair and style to be more confident, beautiful, and happier. The central- parted hair is shaved two sides styled to dazzle her features so well.  Her smile is even brighter and happier with that hair look.

Charlize Theron’s hairstyle

Whether you are seeking a hairstyle that gonna give you a big transformation or the short haircut will shave 10 years off you, then Charlize Theron’s hairstyle will never let you down. The actress has debuted her new’ do on the 2019 Oscars red carpet which attracts huge attention. This chin-skimming dark brown bob makes her look much younger than her age. The hairstylist also combines a sleek texture with a fresh dark brown that gives her a big transformation look.

Lucy Boynton’s hairstyle

This Lucy’s choppy bob is a big trend of short hairstyle recently. Some flyaways have brought a messy look for her styles. You can smooth them down or style them like this in different situations. The haircut can be modified this bob to look more formal in order to match with a formal event. Let this hair idea alone, bring a playful and cute vibe.

Sophie Turner’s hairstyle

This is one of the most famous Sophie’s hair looks. The “Games of Thrones” actress has worn this haircut at the 2019 Billboard Awards that give a big surprise for her fan already. Needless to say, this hairstyle looks so gorgeous simple about her natural blonde straight hair. Also, the classic center part and smoky eyes stand her out from the crowd.

Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyle

Scarlett might be the one who changes her hair look quite frequently. From the medium length hairstyle to a pixie cut, all of them look really good on her. However, her short sides pixie might be the perfect one for her. The hair is shaved two sides and longer at the peak of the head. Her hairstylist also finishes with some curls on to soften the shaved area as well as make it look more elegant and trendy. Try on this hairstyle to embrace your unique personalities!

Tyra Banks’s hairstyle

Well, summer is the time to experiment. So, why don’t you try on this one? A Forward-sweeping and a messy fringe are the newest styles that you never try before, right? If you have thick hair this is the best way to style your natural hair. Just trimming for shorter and chopping the front of your cut with layers adds dimension. Especially, this haircut even is the best choice for those who have a long face like Tyra Banks since the bang has covered the big forehead and accentuate the features so.

Emma Roberts’s hairstyle

No wonder this hairstyle cannot suit everyone. A short bang will give you a ridiculous look that cannot boost your beauty and create a face frame that will emphasize your features. So, if you want to try on this haircut, ask your hairdresser to cut it perfectly to both shows off the cool vibe and look ultra stylish. A chic bowl-cut will fit so well with the small oval face shape. Let try on and show ‘em all how wild you are.

Emily Ratajkowski’s hairstyle

This sexy and beachy waves bob is maybe the best hairstyle for the summer holiday.  With this hairdo, it is much better to color your hair with ash brown hue if your complexion is fair or undertone. It will be much sexier and more stunning. Well, you also can add some blonde highlights that gonna give an elegant and chic look. This hair idea is super easy to style. All you need to use hot curling tool and hair texture spray to keep this hairstyle not mess up or loose down in a long period of time.

Danai Gurira’s hairstyle

Appearing at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars Party with a neatly braided lob, Danai Gurira’s hair look is extremely flattering. He has rocked many different textured styles such as braidspassion twists and all of them match perfectly to show off her big earrings and entire her face.

There are some of our recommendations for short hairstyles that you can add to your must-try list this summer.  Find out the best for your look and go-ahead to the salon to go for a shorter cut that gonna transform your appearance entirely. Please, support Macsarahair and follow us to read posts related to the latest hairstyle trends as well as tips to care for your mane. If you are looking for hair extensions, then visit our Macsarahair com to get further information.