From 70s Hairstyles To 2019 Hot Trend Hairstyles

The concept of fashion in each period always has certain differences, specifically the norm of women’s beauty. But no one can deny the fact that fashion is sometimes a trend circle of old ones – a new mix. If the trend dress series of the 60s, 70s are returning strongly the beauty haircut trend is not outside that round, especially the hairstyles like thin bangs, bob hair… They are the trends from a decade ago that are returning. These hairstyles develop massively and stir all trends of the current youth.

  1. Bob hair / curly lob hairstyles

macsara Bob hair curly lob hairstyles large - From 70s Hairstyles To 2019 Hot Trend Hairstyles

It is not difficult to realize that the past two years is the golden age of short hair.  There is a lot of ladies race to cut their hair to refresh their image and update the trend quickly. The short hair trend of the first days is a simple straight-cropped hairstyle but this year the ladies preferred to curl their short hair. Curly bob/lob hair creates a noble and sweet style of the trendy face. This is also the hairstyle that ladies of the 70s and 80s are quite fond of.

This year the bob or lob hairstyle that young women love is the main short hairstyle of the 70 years. The short hair that surpasses both space and time to bring you the sexy, luxurious, and sweet looks. Bob hairstyle at the past and present have no difference so girls still possess attractive curly hair that displays sexy high necks and soft shoulders.

In modern life, short hair (bob or lob) is also one of the many trends that youth is fascinated at. After many years, bob’s head has still existed with many variations so that the hairstyle becomes softer and softer.

  1. Thin bang hair

macsara thin bang hair large - From 70s Hairstyles To 2019 Hot Trend Hairstyles

The thin bang hairstyle is one of the favorite hairstyles of women. With thin strands of hair flying lightly over the forehead, this hairstyle always brings fresh and radiant features to their faces. The interesting thing is that this sparse bang across the eyebrows has been popular for many decades with numerous changes in the beauty trend.  But the sparse bang hair is still intact now.

This hair of the present is a variation from the sweet trend of the 70 years. There were still strands of bangs flying lightly in front of the forehead, the bang type of the past (left photo) is shorter on the eyebrows and thicker. In the present, the thin and long forehead curls marking the beautiful eyebrows (right photo).

The bangs touch the eyebrows that are inflated. They combined with the long flowing hair that creates the pure beauty of the women in the 70’s. In addition, these soft, fragile bangs were sweet and charming beauty that can conquer every lady year by year. In the past, the kind of gentle bang focused only on the high-cut short hair on the eyebrows. We own the thin bang hair that is in front of our forehead currently though.

  1. Classic curly hair

macsara Shanghai woman large - From 70s Hairstyles To 2019 Hot Trend Hairstyles

The beginning of the classic curly hairstyle return is that appears throughout Marc Jacobs’s show. Beauty experts say, this hairstyle not only brings the charm and elegance of women in the 70s but also feminine and a bit of “surreal”.

Curly hair is coming back with a variety of changes that can be the hot trends in 2019. For instance, this hairstyle appeared many times in the famous fashion shows around the world: Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019, Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019…

After that Bottega Veneta has charismatic and curly hair that resonates with his 70’s years.

macsara wavy curly hair large - From 70s Hairstyles To 2019 Hot Trend Hairstyles

This youthful, wavy, curly hair belongs to Just Cavalli. This hairstyle is inspired by the curly hair of an ancient Shanghai woman.

According to the famous hairstylist, this hairstyle is not difficult to create, just a curling stick, hair spray, and 10 minutes to have perfect hair.

  1. Gentle straight hair

macsara Gentle straight hair large - From 70s Hairstyles To 2019 Hot Trend Hairstyles

At any time, gentle and straight hair over your shoulders is always a welcome hairstyle trend. Although not everyone can apply this hairstyle for themselves, the beauty from the straight hair is extremely attractive to the opposite. The most standard model of this hairstyle is a smooth, straight black hair with a well-trimmed hair tail so that the ends of the hair are not rough. This hairstyle is also not picky in bangs. With this haircut, we can get a natural beauty with health and gorgeous long hair. Remember that using protect hair products is useful to own a perfect hairstyle.

The 70’s hairstyles are not out of date in the current time so you should not worry about it. Be confident and get these amazing hairstyles. In terms of hairstyles, we also have a lot of hair extensions that can help you to own charming 70’s hairstyles. Access our website MACSARA to find the suitable hair types for yourself with the best price.