Gal Gadot’s Best Beauty Moments, Hair Colors, Styles, And More

For the fans of the superheroes on the big screen, surely there will be people who know Wonder Woman, the character is played extremely successful by the Hollywood star Gal Gadot. Indeed, this is one of the roles that has contributed to the stardom that she had been dreaming of. Gaining worldwide fame, the actress impressed fans not only by her great acting ability but also thanks to her gentle beauty but also extremely attractive (as evidenced by the fact that she even won the title of Miss Israel!). There are many factors that make Gal Gadot’s beauty admirable and shinning, besides the delicate features on the face, it is also very important to choose the right hairstyle and hair color.

Indeed, there are many times Gal Gadot has shown us her exquisite fashion sense and the smart way to combine the hairstyle and the makeup sophisticatedly. With just the smoldering brown eyes and simple dark brunette wavy hairstyle, the former Miss Israel winner has already quickly become a red carpet highlight thanks to her stunning natural beauty. And throughout the years, from the different hair colors and lengths to red lips and navy blue smoky eyes, the Wonder Woman actress tends to stick to her signature look: a sleek up-do, a subtle golden smoky eye, and creamy, luminous skin. Gal Gadot seems to prefer the safe feminine style as she is often associated with dark hair colors and subtle makeup, though there are times when Hollywood stars have tried to change her styles by trying brighter hair colors such as blonde. Let’s join MACSARA to look at some Gal Gadot hairstyles colors.

Gal Gadot hair color evolution

# 1/17: 2009

Gal Gadot’s name started to expand worldwide when she joined the fourth film in the series movie Fast and Furious. This is when she hit the red carpet for her first-ever Hollywood film looking elegant and alluring with a romantic yet classic hairstyle. The slick back brunette hair delicately showing the sexy bare shoulders is perfect to enhance the attractiveness, helping her to easily capture every opposite eye.

# 2/17: 2011

You won’t see Gal Gadot blonde hair often and this is one of the very rare times the actress opted to go out with this shade. The combination of the strawberry blonde locks with the sweet orange lipstick was a total showstopper. Plus the silky smooth skin, Gal Gadot was truly shinning that night!

# 3/17: 2013

Back to her familiar dark roots, Gal appeared at the Riddick premiere in Los Angeles stunning everyone with her glowing beauty. The black hair was perfectly paired with the fancy black leather dress, and the natural makeup style with soft pink lips and fluffy lashes was a suitable choice to fully show up the actress’s natural beauty. This is one of the signature looks of Gal Gadot back then.

# 4/17: 2013

This is considered one of the most iconic looks of Gal Gadot. Attending the Fast & Furious 6 premiere, the actress looks full of mysteriousness and alluringness as she got vampy with a deep burgundy lip and sleepy eye. And the wavy dark brown hairstyle, which was added some light brown hint, even make the actress shine brighter.

# 5/17: 2013

2013 seems to be the year that produced many sparkling moments of Gal Gadot. Here the actress went out extremely enchantingly and appealingly with a seriously smoky lid eye, with the black hair is wrapped up into the elegant high bun hairstyle.


# 6/17: 2014

Graceful and feminine with dark brown hair color

# 7/17: 2015

The hair was still brown hair color but this time it seemed one-tone lighter

# 8/17: 2015

The actress went out sexy and attractive with black hair color and bold red lips

# 9/17: 2016

Soft wavy brunette lob hairstyle is a good choice to achieve a youthful and fresh look for a shopping day.

# 10/17: 2016

The Side-parted long straight brunette hairstyle is an option that couldn’t be better to pair with a black vest, bringing a super sexy look.

# 11/17: 2016

Side-parted glossy wavy lob black hair

# 12/17: 2016

Dark brown with some blonde highlights toward the ends

# 13/17: 2017

# 14/17: 2018

Elegant in chestnut hair color

# 15/17: 2018

# 16/17: 2019

# 17/17: 2019

It can be seen that during her career so far, Gal Gadot has mainly been associated with the gentle and mature image with dark hair colors such as chestnut, black, brown. Do you like these hair colors on Gal Gadot? Don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving your comment below!

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