Glass Hair: The Styling Trend That Will Continue To Dominate Fall 2019

It was one of the “hot” hair trends that used to make a big “fever” among the Hollywood stars in 2018. But it seems that “glass hair” isn’t going anywhere in 2019 either.

In 2018, after the ‘glass skin’ trend coming from ‘Kimchi’ country, the beauties were given the opportunity to “get a fever” with the trend of ‘glass hair’. It is known that this trend of hair started to emerge from last fall with enthusiastic promotion from many famous stars. Worth mentioning is that until now, ‘glass hair’ has not shown signs of cooling down. Let’s learn with MACSARA why this ‘glass hair’ style is so hot.

What is glass hair? It’s actually been around for decades!

Glass hair is a term that is reportedly coined by Refinery29. Don’t leave the name of the hairstyle misleading you, it doesn’t refer to using glass to style your strands, instead of that, by ‘glass’, it alludes to the sharp-as-glass effect that this hairdo gives.

In fact, glass hair is a hairstyle that is very familiar to all of us as it actually the shoulder-length blunt bob haircut. Although it has a simple look, this hairstyle requires a lot of techniques to achieve maximum perfection. At first glance, the hair will be straightened and trimmed carefully in each sharp line. The attraction of glass hair is the elaborate styling and processing method to achieve a perfect shine effect like coating a glass layer on the hair.


The origin of the glass hair trend

Kylie Jenner used to associate with the glass hair bob

Katy Perry is prominent with the platinum glass hairstyle

Although it has been a feverish trend in recent times, few people know that glass hair has appeared since the 1960s. This styling technique, which gives a glossy eye-catching effect, was invented by the professional hairstylist Vidal Sassoon. Glass hair used to be the signature hairstyle of Victoria Beckham while she was still in the Spice Girls group. At the moment, everybody seems to be talking about the hair trend, and because of the attraction and strange charm, so it is not difficult to understand when the glass hair trend is so popular among stars. Most famous faces have opted for a short bob to fully show off the glossy style but it’s not impossible for you to get the look with longer hair too. Some celebrities who have been hot on the trend are Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, etc.

Glass hair is suitable for who?

Hailey Baldwin is cool in the blonde glass hair

Olivia Palermo is elegant and radiant with the glass hairstyle

As mentioned, in order to get a perfect ‘glass hair‘ style, the hair must meet 2 criteria: sharp cutting line and gloss-like-mirror effect. With these characteristics, the ‘glass hair’ style will probably be suitable for characteristic girls who love dynamic and youthful style.

The advantages of glass hairstyle

Selena Gomez used to get a lot of attention with the lovely glass hairstyle

In the autumn atmosphere is near, a neat and beautiful short hairstyle like glass hair will be a good suggestion for women. Not only do you always feel cool and comfortable in all activities, but glass hair also brings a young image – healthy and full of charisma. Glass hair is usually in the form of bob hair, with short hair at shoulder length, a deflection or a middle turn. This hairstyle is suitable for almost every face, from the round face, an oval face, to square face, etc. Maybe so, the trend of glass hair is very much fascinated by many girls.

How do you achieve the glass hair look?

Achieving a glass hairstyle is much easier than how polished its appearance is. To create and maintain that mirror-finish, firstly asking your stylist to take easy on the layers and texture and aim for a blunt, solid line on the ends. This will help set off the sheen, especially the healthiness of your strands.

To get the ultimate effect, rather than doing multiple highlights or lowlights throughout, just having a one-color glaze all over for a high-voltage shine illusion.

The hair color suitable for glass hair is dark tones such as black, dark brown, light brown or red-brown. Bright colors such as golden colors or highlight hairstyles will not provide a nice shiny effect.

About the product-wise, we recommend you use a shine spray or serum to damp hair (after slightly blow-drying) before straightly brushing the hair.

Many famous stars used to be “ready to die” with this stylish hairstyle. Indeed, glass hair has created a trend of beautiful hair and extremely eye-catching.

Currently, the trend of glass hair has many new variations in hair color and style. However, glass hair still retains the common point that is glossy, healthy, and full of vitality hair.

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