Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles Of Tessa Thompson

As we can see, the Hollywood Star hairstyle is always one of the hot topics of netizens. In my opinion, the most special hairstyle seems to be the braided hairstyle. Do you think so? Braided hairstyles are an easy and pleasant way to forget about hair styling for months. They not only give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors but also make space for creativity.

When it comes to braided hairstyles of celebrities, we cannot forget to mention Tessa Thompson – a Hollywood Star who always attracts attention with her fashionable look and her hairstyles. So keep scrolling down to discover how Tessa Thompson switches up her look with braided hairstyles!

Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles Of Tessa Thompson
Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles Of Tessa Thompson

1. Who is Tessa Thompson?

Her full name is Tessa Lynne Thompson and she is an American actress. She rose to fame for the film Mississippi Damned. Afterward, the star is known for starring as a civil rights activist Diane Nash in the historical drama Selma in 2014, a singer in the sports drama Creed in 2015 and Creed II in 2018, and Valkyrie in the superhero films Thor: Ragnarok.

And our star seems to love black or brown braided styles. Below are some stunning photos of Tessa Thompson braided hairstyles.

Who is Tessa Thompson?
Who is Tessa Thompson?

2. Braided hairstyles of Tessa Thompson

2.1. Long Mini Twists

The mini twist is a popular hairstyle in Africa because this style is based on the naturally curly hair of Africans. You can wear this hairstyle when going out on a casual day or on a special occasion like a wedding.

Tessa Thompson likes this gorgeous, protective style as it offers a different take on the current braid trend.

Braided hairstyles
Long mini twists

2.2. White Pearl Braids

Do you love bonded braiding hairstyles? The below pic shows that Thompson was getting in on the pearl hair trend yet again for a Sorry To Bother You screening. We can see that the star weaved the white pearl beads through her long braids for an elegant look fit for a red carpet beauty icon.

Braided hairstyles of Tessa Thompson
White pearl braids large – gorgeous braided hairstyles of Tessa Thompson

2.3. Box Braids

It is said that classic box braids are one of the most iconic styles for Afro-textured hair. With this hairstyle, all your hair will be sectioned into squares and worked into individual plaits to get this look. If your hair is so thin or short, you can use hair extensions braided in, which will give you head-turning long and full locks. Box braids are considered a protective style and can be any length or thickness.

Tessa Thompson sometimes wears box braids to refresh herself. Do you think that Tessa Thompson braids are suitable for the star?

Braided hairstyles
Box braids

2.4. Braid Ponytail

You can create so many amazing looks by using braids in different thicknesses. Here we have a long black braided ponytail that features chunky braids. The combination creates a unique and stylish pattern. This is a stunning hairstyle that would look fabulous on anyone. You can use our ponytail hair extensions to effortlessly add length and thickness!

Thompson became a spotlight in the 2019 Met Gala theme – which was all about the intersection of camp culture and fashion. In this event, the beauty made a strong impression with her 12-foot braid into a latex-wrapped whip.

Braided hairstyles
Braid ponytail

2.5. Braided Updo

One of our favorite protective styles is a braided updo. This hairstyle is a sweet and stylish look that will suit everyone. We’re not sure what’s more stunning here: Tessa’s braid updo or her makeup.

Braided hairstyles
Braided updo

2.6. Side Braids

There’s no doubt that side braids are an easy way to create a faux undercut or take a side-swept wavy hairstyle to the next level. As we can see, these braids start at the hairline and move up towards the crown of the head instead of straight back. Therefore, they have an unusual and striking appearance. If your hair is too short and thin, let’s add tape in hair extensions to the braids and leave the rest of the hair free, which gives the side braids style an on-trend asymmetric angle. As a result, it is a modern, chic look that’s flattering to most face shapes. Tessa Thompson is one of the celebrities who like this hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles
Side braids

If you want a timeless beauty like Tessa Thompson, let’s create great braided hairstyles today! If your hair lacks the length or volume needed to rock the hairstyle you love, we are here to help you shine with our high-quality hair extensions! Macsara‘s hair extensions are made from 100% Remy hair, ensuring they look and feel just like your own hair. Coming in various types, textures, colors, and lengths, they will offer you the most versatile and the maximum longevity of hair. You are free to restyle or re-dye your hair extensions in any way you want! Don’t hesitate to contact us now via (+84) 37 9989 559 for 24/7 support and factory direct prices!

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