Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Hot Summer Days

Wow! Summer seems to be around here with sweet sunshine and sea breezes. So, if you‘re bound to get married, there will be nothing more wonderful than an outdoor, summer affair. But, when it comes to bridal hairstyles, the sweltering heat poses quite challenges. Have no fear. Because we MACSARA to be here to solve your concern. We suggest you some summer wedding hairstyles. Hopefully, you find one that can make your wheel turn.

For any bride, when thinking about summer wedding hairstyles, she not only wants to find a hairstyle that is true to her natural style and fits the vibe of her wedding, but also wishes to feel like a goddess! She wants to feel comfortable, whilst still feeling super confident because all eyes will be on her. And the hot temperature should not prevent her from charming. These fabulous hairstyles may be the saviors for summer brides. Let’s see through them now!

 1. Chic High Bun

High bun would be the best choice if the bride wants a simple but impressive hairstyle for her Big Day and help to avoid hot temperature in the summer at the same time. Familiar but never outdated, this high bun hairstyle not only gives the bride a luxurious look but is also extremely popular for its convenience and comfort in the hot summer day. In addition, a smooth round bun on the top of the head, will reveal the graceful high neck and create the higher tricks for little brides.

However, if you own a big face, you should not choose this hairstyle because it will reveal the disadvantages on your face. This wedding hair model is suitable for brides with small, long faces. The bride will be more beautiful when the thin bang is inflated, crooked, hugging her long face. This hairstyle is not too fussy but has an extremely effective effect.

2. Soft, Romantic chignon

The chignon has been a firm favorite of summer wedding hairstyles for years. The chignon is basically an elegant low bun, which sits beautifully at the nape of the neck. The great thing about this summer wedding hairstyle is that it suits almost any style of dress and never looks out of fashion.

Rolled low chignons are perhaps the classiest looks among other styles. Each strand of your tresses is rolled and wrapped around the other until the bun is actually in shape. Indeed, it creates a curly effect. Thus, you are obtaining a look full of romance and elegance. This option is gorgeous on its own and in many cases, hairstylists do not add any accessories to such designs. They are very rich without add-ons.

The chignon adds a sophisticated and polished finish to any appearance, making you look womanly and delicate. They will convert you into a princess. Above all, they are versatile.

By the way, for a wedding, jewels are never out of place. Even though low chignons are very nice and impressive, you can always update them with hair accessories. Of course, they can be natural flowers, especially if it is summer.

3. Long braids

Braided hairstyle has been conquering the hearts of many brides by the sweet, feminine beauty and fashionable, aristocratic touch as well. There are so many braided hairstyles out there; you’re bound to find one you love. Better yet, some of them only require a brush and hair elastics to create. From Dutch and French to classic three-strand and pull-through braids, your options are endless. Most look best with thick hair, so be sure to clip in hair extensions and start taking hair vitamins to get your mane in perfect condition for your wedding day.

4. Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there and it seems to be born for superhot days. It’s simple, comfortable but wonderful for your summer wedding day too. You can take this style to the next level by adding a few glamorous details. For an ultra-flattering look, be sure to create lots of volume at the crown of your head. Use hair extensions to give the ponytail extra thickness, and cover any hair elastics or pins by wrapping a piece of hair around it.  The bonus of a ponytail is that there’s no hair to hide or distract from your make-up, and you can show off a pair of gorgeous statement earrings too.

5. Ballerina Bun

If you’d like your hair up for the wedding, but want a more relaxed look then a Ballerina Bun could be the perfect summer wedding hairstyle that you’re looking for. This chic hairstyle is classically elegant and puts your make-up in the spotlight. It suits those with oval face shapes and high cheekbones. It draws the eye up, so it’s the perfect partner to a bold eye make-up look. It’s also a great bridal choice if you want to show off your jewelry, such as a statement pair of earrings or a diamond choker, as your hair won’t hide them. Many brides choose to pair this hairstyle with a ballet-inspired gown, too – but make sure you don’t go too heavy on the tulle as you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume.

6. Braided Halo

Brides who want a beautiful and angelic wedding day look should try the braided halo. The hairstyle is supposed to look effortless – soft, romantic, and imperfect – so there’s no need for advanced braiding skills. A braided halo is also an excellent choice for brides who have highlighted or balayage hair, as it shows off the different tones beautifully. It’s so pretty; you will want to wear this style every day.

To get this lock, the bride needs braided hair from the back and wrapped like a crown. But instead of keeping the plaids tight, you should let soft strands to blow in the wind. Surely, you this will turn you into the most gorgeous mermaid on your wedding day.

7. Sweet Bohemian Bun

Bohemian buns which follow the vintage trend are low and loose, with soft curls creating the softness and sweetness of a classic style. This is one of the most popular hair trends for brides in any country in the world on the Big Day. This hairstyle suits outdoor weddings in rustic or impressive retro style. Therefore, if you plan to have fun outside, absolutely do not forget to look through this impressive hairstyle.

Vintage bohemian buns are usually made in a “loose” style, with natural curls, creating a sense of both wildness and liberty but still extremely femininity and seduction.

That’s some suggestion for your summer wedding hairstyles. Is there one that you are crazy about? Tell us below. And hope you have a memorable wedding!