Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

Are you a big fan of the show American Got Talent? And do you remember the cute little girl played the ukulele and sang her original songs from America’s Got Talent Season 11 of 2016? The “I Don’t Know My Name” singer inspired people of all ages when she won AGT and proved her claim that “miracles do happen, so anything is possible.” But that’s not enough with the talented singer, the variety of manes she’s rocked recently are equally stunning. Go through this post for a roundup of the hairstyles we’re stealing stat from Grace VanderWaal Glamour hairstyles

1. Who is Grace VanderWaal?

Grace VanderWaal is an American versatile singer, songwriter as and ukulele player. She gained popularity after winning the 11th season of America’s Got Talent in 2016. She is well known for being considered as the next Taylor Swift by the judges of America’s Got Talent.

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

When it comes to Grace VanderWaal’s professional life, she started composing music for her first song at an early age. Then, she performed for the show with her unique melody I Don’t Know My Name. Her performance was such a great source of inspiration to Howie Mandel enough to win his “Golden Buzzer” act. This made her straightforwardly presented to the Live Shows. Then judge Simon Cowell emphasized that she could be “the next Taylor Swift.” Likewise, rock icon Stevie Nicks who just appeared for the last scene of the show also said that Grace has what it takes to her the best.

At the age of 14, she was ranked the first position in the 30 Under 30 Class of 2019 Forbes Music list.  VanderWaal is notably the youngest on the prestigious ranking.

2. Grace VanderWaal Hairstyles

If you are tired of long hair and want to challenge with a short haircut, Grace VanderWaal can be a great source of inspiration for you. The little girl always how to renew her signature blonde bob every time she appears. Interestingly, we even don’t know what she does next, and we love that way she surprises us.

Let take a look at the bob hairstyles gallery of Grace VanderWaal now!

Sleek bob with bang

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

Grace VanderWaal made her first appearance to the spotlight when she was only 12-year-olds. And all the people were impressed by a cute little girl holding a ukulele and confidently singing in front of thousands of strangers. She was dressing a white button-down with a Peter Pan collar tucked under a navy blue sweater with skinny jeans the color of a daffodil. A meticulously flat-ironed bob and straight-across bangs framed the 12-year-old’s earnest face as she surprised the audience with her belting, raspy voice and songwriting genius. She looked so lovely and charming with the short sleek bob and we think she pulled off this hairstyle.

Twist Space Buns

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

The youthful face and innocent smile of Grace are perfectly showed off with a set of adorable space buns. She looks so cute with this hairstyle, right?

Short wavy bob with some pink highlights

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

Attending the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, Grace styled her signature blonde bob hair with some loose wavy. She perfected the locks with some pink highlights which created a sharp contrast to her attractive blue eyes. Surely, these interesting locks would have made Grace become the center of every attention.

Romantic floral boho updo

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

It’s unarguable that fame and popularity have made a drastic transformation to Grace’s life in general and her hairstyle in particular. After becoming the first female champion of the show American Got Talent, she went straight and issued her debut full-length, Just the Beginning, in 2017. And here we see a completely different Grace VanderWaal hairstyles. She looks more mature and feminine with the romantic floral boho updo.

Crazy hairstyle with super-length braid

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

We have all witnessed VanderWaal’s success of two studio albums, a Billboard Women in Music Rising Star award, a lead acting role in Disney’s newest film Stargirl (set for 2020 release) in only three years. Grace VanderWaal now is transforming from the prim tween we first met closer to a grown-up artist with an edgy perspective. Think less Taylor Swift, more Sia. Though, luckily her sense of childlike whimsy hasn’t budged.

Sharing in an interview, Grace said that she wants to look like an alien, and always alien vibes with her. That’s where this unique hairstyle gets inspiration.  That’s a one-of-a-kind haircut—an ear-length crop featuring two shoulder-length pieces on either side of her face. “I just had this vision of having two super-long braids in the front, like down to my knees, and everything else super short,” Grace describes the inspiration behind her devastatingly cool, undeniably weird new look. “I have yet to fulfill that dream, but that was the initial vision when I cut my hair.”

Curled Out Bob

Grace VanderWaal Glamour Hairstyles To Copy

It appears that everyone is talking about Grace VanderWaal when she arrived at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. And what’s the subject of these gossips? Whether it’s the power suit she wore or the gorgeous curled out bob she rocked? We think both. The two were a great combination that brings Grace the image of a successful businesswoman.

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