Guys: Time To Change Up Your Hairstyle

Have you ever wonder why woman change their hairstyles every so often while you have been working that same haircut since you were in high school? Don’t be embarrassed. It’s easy to understand girls know to change up the ‘do is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to change up their look whereas most of the guys get stuck in their style comfort zone when it comes to hair. It is known that we become comfortable with the same look but you guys should know that your face changes over time. In addition, if you are maturing, an updated haircut can help you look younger into middle age or over. Moreover, a new haircut is a great way to enhance your strong facial features and take the emphasis away from weaker features. So, it’s time to change your hairdo. Let’s read on our Macsara news to find out tips for a new men’s haircut.

Getting over the fear of change

macsara Getting over the fear of change large - Guys: Time To Change Up Your Hairstyle If you have not changed your haircut for a decade, the fear of change can get in the way. Remember, there is an old saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So, you must “fix” your hairdo. Let get past that apprehension, you’ll then be more prepared to take the plunge and go for something different. There is nothing to be an affair because your hair will always grow back. A haircut doesn’t last for whole life, it is an amazing adventure you should try.

Choosing your suitable haircut

It is important to find the right cut, you know?  This is an essential step as face shape is a key factor in determining the right type of haircut to dramatically your best facial features (and downplay stuff you don’t like). For instance, if you have a round face, a hairstyle which is full at the sides will make your face look more round, meanwhile, a hairstyle which is leaner on the sides will add balance. A long face will be suitable for a fuller style.  If your favorite hairstyle fits your lifestyle is one factor to consider. If you’re active and don’t have much time to style your hair, you’ll need to choose a lower maintenance hairstyle.

macsara Choosing your suitable haircut large - Guys: Time To Change Up Your Hairstyle

Looking at some pictures of other guy’s haircuts to determine what you like. You should have a realistic choice, your photos of haircuts on guys that you opt must have similar hair type and face shape as yours. It will be better if you print these photos out and take them to your haircut appointment.  Don’t be shy about doing so, your barber or hairstyle will appreciate the effort as it lets him or she sees exactly what you want and they can find a modification of the style that will work best on your head, basing on your photos.

Working with a good barber or stylist

macsara Working with a good barber or stylist large - Guys: Time To Change Up Your Hairstyle

After you choose your favorite hairstyle, the next important thing to consider is finding a barber or stylist to do the cut since a good barber you book, a good haircut you get. Asking your friends, your colleague with the haircut you like for a good barber. In case you cannot find a friend or co-worker for advice, take a look at the review sites and check out the highly-rated shops near you and then made an appointment with your barber you found. Talk with your barber or stylist about the hairdo and also remember to ask them for advice about the recommendable products for the style choice. Be sure to ask them to show you how to do the style yourself at home, that will help you adapt to a new style a bit easier, too. One small tip for you is when choosing a barber or stylist, as a general rule, barbers are better with short, traditional styles while stylists are best with longer or trendy looks.

Choosing the time to get a new haircut

macsara Choosing the time to get a new haircut large - Guys: Time To Change Up Your Hairstyle

If you’re going for a big change (and I hope you are), you’ll need some time to get used to your new look before you face your friends and co-workers. So, try to get your haircut on Friday, off time or a vacation. A day off will give you time to adjust your own new reflection in the mirror.

Here are some suggestions for you to get a new man’s haircut and I hope these tips can help you in life. I know that changing up your look is a big step, but it really is a great way to change things up and start fresh. And if you do not have any suggestions for a new hairstyle, visit our website MACSARA for more ideas. Our thoughtful and well-trained staffs always try our best to please you. Now you know the best ways to refresh your hairstyle, call and book in advance to get a haircut already! It is time to change. If you have any tips or questions about changing the hairstyle, please leave your comment to let us know!