Hair Bleaching Secrets For Beginners

The trend of dying hair in bright colors like platinum, pink, blue, purple … is popular for many young people today. Impressive hair color not only supports to express your personality but also helps you to be more confident and stand out. To get these gorgeous hair colors, hairstylists have to bleach your hair. So is hair bleaching safe for your real hair? For beginners who don’t know well about this field, MACSARA will help you to understand before using this method for your hair.

macsara Hair Bleaching Secrets For Beginners large - Hair Bleaching Secrets For Beginners What is hair bleaching? When to bleach the hair?

First of all, you need to know what is the definition of melanin? It is a natural pigment produced by the human body – this factor determines the color of the hair, skin, and pigmentation of eyes. People who lack melanin pigment will have white hair, pale skin, and the black of the eyes will turn reddish-brown instead of black or brown like normal human eyes. The more melanin in the hair, the more it causes black hair and vice versa.

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Therefore, it can be understood that hair bleaching is the process of removing the existing melanin in hair with specialized chemicals, in order to make the hair color brighter. This is a step to help the hair dye to attach tightly to the hair strands. The blacker the hair, the more it needs to be bleached more than once with a thicker chemical bleach to brighten the hair.

Beauty hair with neutral tones such as chocolate, chestnut brown, red-brown, purple-brown or purple-red … that is no need to remove hair melanin to get a hairstyle you like. However, naughty guys, who like impressive tones such as platinum, dazzling pink, gray, smoke, purple, green, hair bleaching is an indispensable process for standard hair color.

Is dyed hair really “beautiful”?

The answer is absolutely not. Why? Read the causes below to understand clearly.

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1. Hair will become weak and brittle

When specific bleach in direct contact with the hair that causes the cells in the hair to be damaged. Then the hair will be brittle and easy to breakage than ever, especially when brushing, shampooing. In addition, the bleached hair will not retain moisture so it is weak and split, dry.

It is more dangerous if the inexperienced hairstylist mixes the wrong bleach ratio, it will seriously damage the scalp.

2. Burned and damaged scalp

Hairdressers always recommend not using the normal dye color on your scalp to minimize damage to this sensitive area. With the hair bleaching solution, it is absolutely not to stick to the scalp because this chemical contains strong detergents, which can easily burn, tingle even allergic skin ulcers – especially for those with a sensitive scalp.

3. Limit the heat effect on the hair

After bleaching to get a satisfying color, it’s time to say goodbye to thermal beauty methods such as bending, straightening, drying hair at high temperatures. The reason is that when the bleached hair (dead hair) is exposed to high temperatures, it will cause the hair to burn easily.

- Hair Bleaching Secrets For Beginners

Wearing hair extensions is a good way to avoid harming your hair with bleach. Besides, it also gives you a hairstyle that satisfies you. There are a lot of choices for you with various textures and colors, for example, a 10-inch clip in hair with light blonde color. Nowadays, using hair extensions is a hot trend that many girls love.

Owning an amazing hair color that all people want but not everyone understands the potential risks of removing the natural melanin pigment in the hair. Thus, remember before deciding on dyeing bright hair colors, think about your own health, learn how to take care of bleached hair from many sources as well as choose a reputable salon for hairstyling.