Hair Care Product From Nature – Part 6: Black Locust

Black Locust is a kind of herb that is very familiar to women, especially Asian ladies, thanks to its wonderful functions in treating damaged hair and nourishing healthy hair. So, what is its specific use? How to take care of your hair using black locust? Keep reading and answer the questions yourself.

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If you are wondering “Is honey locust good for your hair?”, the answer is definitely yes. Hair care product from nature are always stunning and using black locust is no exception. Below are their benefits to your hair:

  • Keep hair healthy: According to scientists, the Black Locust fruit contains a high content of lipid (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrate (16%) and is a great source providing fat and calcium for hair. These nutrients penetrate the scalp and hair strands, helping to nourish hair follicles and healthy hair.
  • Helps stimulate hair growth quickly: The Black Locust fruits contain a mixture of flavonoids and saponaretin, the active ingredients that promote hair growth effectively, make hair grow faster. At the same time, this active ingredient also helps to restore/balance the sebaceous glands, keeping the hair flowing naturally.
  • Helps clean dandruff and treat scalp fungi: The fruit of Black Locust is extremely antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral thanks to containing 10% saponin. The active ingredient helps to eradicate the scalp fungal cells, prevent fungi growth and remove dandruff. At the same time, immediately reduce the uncomfortable itching sensation caused by dandruff and fungi.
  • Helps to eliminate poison to the scalp: The Sponin in the black locust fruit also can “detoxify the scalp and hair”. It acts as a smart magnet, automatically removing residues and toxins from the scalp, helping the scalp clean and replenish oxygen to the hair.
Black locust has big advantages for hair care


Using black locust to wash hair is an eco-friendly approach to hair care. Instead of using chemical products that might harm the environment, the best hair care products from nature like black locust is more and more recommended. Here is our guide on washing your hair with black locust:

Select and dry the black locust fruit

Choose ripe, aged, dark brown-black locust fruits to bring better benefits. You need to sunbath them before using to make sure that the saponin component is more accumulated to make it easier to baking later and to smell more aroma.

Bake the black locust

Bake the black locust fruit so that you can smell the aroma as well as resin scent that with care for hair. To keep the best nature of the black locust, you should bake on a stove with embers. Depending on the thickness of the hair, use the appropriate amount of black locust fruit. Bake them so that you can smell a fragrant smell, the fruit color turn into the brown of cockroach wings, bake both sides of the fruit.

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Black locust has big advantages for hair care


You break the baked locust fruits into small pieces then put them in a pot with a little water, boil it for 5 – 10 minutes. When the water turns to dark brown and starts effervescing, are fine. Or you can put the black locust in a plastic bag to beat them before cooking so that the ingredients of the fruits can be dissolved faster.

To avoid losing time, you can put the baked black locust fruits into a filter bag before cooking as the filter bag will help keep the residue. After cooking, you can dilute by adding water then wash hair.

  • Cook the black locust water with holy basil leaves

Holy basil leaves have essential oils that can lighten the scalp, light-headed, refreshing when shampoo help increase circulation of blood under the skin, stimulating new hair growth. Besides, its essential oils also have antioxidant and antibacterial effects.

How to do: Use 7-10 baked black locust fruits heating with an adequate amount of water. Once the water if boiled, adding to a handful of holy basil leaves, and then you’ve already had a light aroma shampoo that is good for your hair and scalp.

Holy basil leaves can be used with black locust for hair care
  • Cooking the black locust water with grapefruit peel

You can cook locust and grapefruit peel water to wash your hair to help smooth and shiny hair. Note, do not add the grapefruit too early as the oils may be completely evaporated.

Cook grapefruit peel with black locust to wash hair

Shampoo your head using the obtained water

  • Pour the black locust water, which is completely clarified all the sediment into a pot, and dilute it by adding cool water. Use this water to wash your hair.
  • Use a dipper to slowly wash your hair from the hairline to the ends and gently massage so that the nutrients and saponins are deeply absorbed into the scalp, helping the scalp to relax. Repeat the above method several times.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water or use lemon juice diluted with water. Note, do not use hot water to rinse your hair as your hair is very easily tangled with high temperature. It is also possible to use some coconut oil on hair after shampooing to condition hair.
Use black locust water to wash hair

Note: Normally, after cooking the locust, people will use it to wash their hair right away. But according to the experts, for the active ingredients in the black locust to dissolve in the water more, you should store the water in the refrigerator 2-3 days before using it. As a result, the hair care effect will be increased many times.

In conclusion, people are always looking for how to take care of hair properly. And using hair care product from nature like black lotus is a cool way. And above are the advantages of Black Locust and method of nourishing hair using Black Locust fruits. Wishing you quickly have beautiful healthy hair as desired!

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