Hair Dyeing Trends In The Autumn-Winter Season 2019

Autumn is an ideal time for women to renew their look. And dyeing hair might be one of the top options for wearing a new shirt for your hair.

Choosing the right hair color that suits your skin and can help you “spectacular makeover” is a difficult problem to think and makes us hesitant to take risks. In the first half of the year, there were prominent colors such as pink purple, blue, etc. but surprisingly, fashionistas all predicted that the most popular hair color in autumn and winter this year would be the gray-tone color. They can be muted or neutral colors such as smoky brown, smoky gray, moss, or smoky yellow. This hair color is suitable for many face shapes and skin colors and is becoming a trend among young people today.

Choosing the color in contrast to your natural hair color will be a bold decision, which means that you have to dye it constantly, as soon as your hair grows. Instead, choose tones that look more like your natural shade or dye ombre to avoid having to dye it too many times. For smoky gray hair dyeing, balancing it with the real hair color is really the deciding factor for a satisfactory color.

Smoky brown


Brown is one of the most popular hair colors in the world but when you add a bit of smoky gray to it, it can raise the level of sophistication. The plus point for this color tone is that it can absolutely match any skin tone. If you want a hair color that can last for a whole year without being out of fashion, this is what you need. For men when choosing for themselves smoky brown tones, it will bring you a romantic and sweet look, capturing every opposite eye. And for women when owning this hair color with short straight, or soft curly, etc. this shade will create elegance and femininity.

Burning orange

If you were born with naturally bright white skin, this unique hair color will suit you very well. While some people may envision this very attractive color with words like ‘wild’ or ‘rebellious’, this burnt orange can also evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort, reminding you of autumn leaves. This hair color is quite bright, so it helps the skin look more radiant and creates a highlight when wearing dark costumes. The advantage of caramel color is that it is suitable for all skin colors and you won’t have to bleach hair for achieving the standard tone. In case you are bored with this hair color, you can still dye other colors easily, not harming hair like pink and red tones.

Green moss gray

Who said that the girls with strongly tan skin could not match the color of moss green hair? You just need to avoid colors that are too bright to “die” the skin, then feel free to experiment with tones of moss green with deep tones such as smoke, gray, etc. Not only it’s not darkening the face but also brings you a fresh and modern appearance. Especially, a smoky gray hairstyle will never be out of fashion because this is an interesting and special combination of different outstanding tones.

Ash purple

Who said we need bright and gaudy colors to make our hair stand out? If your style is more feminine, if your personality is more introverted, then ash purple is the color you should try. It is suitable for relaxing moments with friends as well as when coming to work. This tone is making a very strong impression on the international hair market, especially in European and American countries. This hair color has the ability to help you completely change your appearance, making you look stylish and more attractive. With this hair color, you probably do not need to dress too sophisticated but still stand out as usual, doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Smoky gray


You don’t want to shock everyone every time you appear in the office? Reduce your attractiveness by dyeing your hair smoky gray. For girls with a strong personality, who is not afraid to try new things, dyeing a smoky grey ombre is considered the best choice. And if the owner has dark brown skin and sharp eyes, the smoky gray ombre hair color will be more prominent.

Changing hair colors to get the trendiest look is always fun and a good option to refresh your own appearance. However, dyeing hair too much without properly caring for it might lead to unexpected and long-term damages. That’s why hair extensions appear as the best alternatives for you!

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