Top 2 Hair Lengths Of Katie Holmes: What You Want To Copy?

This may make you jealous but truthful to say, there exist some people who look good in any hair length. And Katie Holmes actually is in the row. The reality proves that the actress looks perfect with any hairstyle. Be it long tresses or a stylish pixie, or something in between, you just can’t take your eyes off her. So if you are considering a hair length change but are baffled by your choices, get through this post to get some inspiration from Katie Holmes hairstyles of different hair lengths!

Top 2 Hair Lengths Of Katie Holmes

1. Katie Holmes’s short hairstyles

The best inspiration right now is Katie Holmes. Her silky sleek tresses are variable and can be styled in any way. It’s been several years since Katie Holmes sported this wonderful bob, but the bob hairstyle has yet to go out of style and Katie’s bob hair is one of our all-time favorites.

Since her Dawson’s Creek days, Katie Holmes has become a bona fide style icon, gracing the red carpet in designer sheaths and trend-setting crop cuts. Here, we list out some of the most beautiful bob haircuts of Katie Holmes. If you have fine hair, copy these below bob hairstyles. Katie Holmes with short hair will definitely give you lots of inspiration.

1.1. Short bob with bangs 

Who said bangs are only for long hair? Katie Holmes changes this line of thought with her amazing short bob cut which features exquisite bangs in the front. These heavy eye-framing bangs with the overall bob cut look extremely polished and neat. It contributes to giving proper compliments to her square face shape, making it thinner. The bob cut also helps in highlighting her cheekbones.

Katie Holmes’s short hairstyles
Short bob with bangs

1.2. Soft and elegant bob

We are going to love this Katie Holmes short hair bob from The New York Premiere of Hairspray. It’s soft and elegant, with a little flair. Her hair length was cut around her chin and soft layering was added around her mid-lengths and ends to take the weight out and to create a flexible shape around her face. This style requires only a little care of regular trimming. If you are a busy person, consider this hairstyle.

Katie Holmes’s short hairstyles
Soft and elegant bob

1.3. Pixie cut

The interest in Katie Holmes’s hair never ends. She just keeps going shorter and shorter and we can’t keep our eyes off of Katie holmes very short hair. Her latest look is the pixie cut. We think she looks adorable. What do you think? Do you like this look or do you prefer her bobbed hair? Anyway, Katie Holmes’ short hair has never disappointed us, right?

Katie Holmes’s short hairstyles
Pixie cut

2. Katie Holmes’s long hairstyles

The queen of versatile hairstyles, Katie Holmes, has always amazed us with different hairstyles from short to the long ones. And the reality proves that she can pull off any textures as well as colors or hair lengths. So now, let’s check out some of her long hairstyles.

2.1. Gorgeous brown hair

Katie Holmes looks really beautiful and attractive with her gorgeous brown locks styled in waves from the mid-lengths to ends, creating a face-framing effect. We cannot help wowing it. What about you? If you love it, you can easily recreate it with rollers. It is great for any special occasion, be it a friend meeting or a romantic date. And a tip for you: Regular trims will prevent split ends and maintain smooth healthy hair.

Katie Holmes’s long hairstyles
Gorgeous brown hair

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2.2. Spiral curls flowing naturally

There is a likelihood that Holmes loves to let her long hair free-flowing in the wind. At another scene, we see her rocking her hair with some spiral curls when Tom Cruise was merely her fiancé. All eyes were definitely on her, even though she was accompanying Cruise at the UK premiere of his movie, War Of  The Worlds, in 2005.

Katie Holmes’s long hairstyles
Spiral curls flowing naturally

2.3. Low ponytail with waves

Holmes debuted a new hairstyle for the occasion of the red carpet premiere of the Netflix movie The Irishman at the New York Film Festival. The low ponytail features soft brown waves gently gathered at the back of her neck and a soft middle part with a few stray waves to frame her face. It’s the perfect combination of perfectly styled but still gently placed hair. Such a gorgeous hairstyle that we want to copy.

Katie Holmes’s short hairstyles
Low ponytail with waves

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2.4. Pin-straight style

At the next year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, Holmes’ hair reached new lengths with this pin-straight style. This was a totally new look for her, which resembles the image of Cher. And we must admit that Holmes looks sexy with this new look.

Katie Holmes’s long hairstyles
Pin-straight style

So, those are 2 hair lengths of Katie Holmes. Is there one that you want to copy? If yes, make a trip to the nearest hair salon and get it! We bet Katie Holmes wouldn’t be upset if she saw you sporting her hairstyle. In fact, she’d be happy to know that she inspired many people. If you are one of those girls who don’t have the fortune to spend on professional stylists and designers, you can take advantage of whatever the movie stars are using, Katie Holmes’ short bob hairstyles are the exact great thing to start with.

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