Hair Syndrome (SHS)-Odor Hair Syndrome

“I often have to wash my hair at noon because my hair smells very uncomfortable. I am a sophomore in college but I never had a boyfriend or dare to kiss anyone because I was afraid they could smell this terrible hair smell” a female student confided.

Share about her “secret sorrow” on Huffingtonpost, Corrin, a college girl said, since the 8th-grade year, she began to notice her hair smell very uncomfortable. This situation made Corrin lose confidence when communicating. Even in love, she did not dare to accept anyone’s love just for fear of kissing because he will “run away” if he smelled the terrible smell.

According to the doctor’s analysis, sometimes people’s hair and scalp emit an unpleasant odor, which can be sweat, dirt and due to busy so we do not have time to shower. That is normal. However, for people with a condition called “Odor Hair Syndrome”, the problem becomes more serious. This situation greatly affects their relationships and life.

Sierra, a female employee said: “Because of the nature of the work, I have to come to the company every day. My colleagues were annoyed whenever I showed up because of the smell coming from my hair. They really do not understand how hard and painful I had to try to overcome this situation. ”

The most prominent symptom of “Smelly Hair” is on the scalp and the hair smells very unpleasant. Some described it as a dirty diaper for babies, others said it resembled the smell of yogurt, moldy hay, old shoes or socks or even the smell of vomit. Some people even say that their hair smells like hundreds of flies around their heads.

One thing in common is that the smell is so strong that everyone can easily smell it. Those who suffer from SHS complain that they have tried to bathe regularly but it still has a bad smell. Even the smell comes out right after shampooing or after a day or two. In addition to the smell, some patients also feel that the scalp is peeling and wet. “They’re like a thick layer of flour mixed with oil sprinkled on my head,” a female patient lamented.

Cause Of The Disease And Cures

Initially, SHS was thought to be caused by seborrheic dermatitis (the disease often causes oily scalp scales on the scalp). However, according to the analysis of doctors on Mayo Clinic, the smell coming out of the scalp is may not be due to seborrheic dermatitis. In some isolated cases, not even the treating doctor can identify the clear cause of the disease.

Dissatisfied with the professional explanations, many patients find a cure on their own. They do everything, including using all kinds of therapeutic shampoos without avail. Some turned to use the tea leaf products because they thought the properties of tea tree oil had anti-fungal properties. However, most shampoos extracted from tea tree oil contain little natural essential oils so they have no results. There are so many people who are so desperate to try even animal shampoos…

Some patients do not use commercially available products and return to natural remedies such as lemonade, hot soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, chlorophyll supplements and blends of cinnamon and honey. There are people who even use hand sanitizer to apply it to their scalp two to three times a day.

Some even use a rather sophisticated and sophisticated treatment: “I went to a salon and they applied a liquid on my hair, then incubated the entire hair in a plastic wrap and started steam head. Next, they put me in a “frequency therapy” procedure, that is, using a glass rod attached to a machine and they emitted something like electrical impulses.” It doesn’t work either.

Hair experts say that the disease can be overcome by quite simply using the antibacterial shower gel and sulfur-containing soap. Actually, the main cause of SHS is caused by bacteria or fungus. Antibacterial agents (like the Triclosan found in antibacterial shower gels) can prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, while sulfur can reduce the amount of oil secreted on the scalp. This can eliminate the “environment” that causes fungi and bacteria to grow.

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