Hair Talk: Normani Korde Hairstyle

The former member of Fifth Harmony – Normani Kordei,  though was not as successful as a member of the girl group as she is now. The star has recently shaken up the industry with her explosive charms in her very first single “Motivation”, and seems like her sense of style has, as well, been taken to new heights. By mentioning her style sense, we’re talking about her hairstyles. I mean, just look at how Normani slays her hair game. Let’s sit back and find out how this beauty does wonder with her mane, shall we?

First thing first, who is Normani? Normani Kordei Hamilton is a 1996 America-born singer and dancer. She was first known as the participant of a TV series – The X Factor, and later on, became a member of the famous girl group Fifth Harmony. Normani became more well-known for her very first solo act with the song “Love Lies”, featuring Khalid in 2018. The song then debuted at No.43 in the US chart, peaked in the top 10, and certified 4x Platinum by RIAA. During the Fifth Harmony’s hiatus, Normani Kordei continued to collaborate with several artists with EP, featuring Calvin Harris in 2018 and Waves, featuring 6lack later in that year. Her duet “Dancing with a stranger” with the famous singer Sam Smith in 2019 has also reached the top 10 in the US and UK music chart.


As soon as the Fifth Harmony called it a quit, in August 2019, Normani released her first single as a solo artist “Motivation”, which turns out to be a huge success as it peaked in the top 40 in the US chart. Following her achievements, Normani Kordei was ranked as nr of the greatest female pop-group performers of all time by the Guardian and named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2020. Recently, the star was placed on BET’s list of the most inspiring and innovative vanguards who are redefining what it means to be unapologetically young, gifted and black.

And of course, not only her talent that matters but an incredible sense of style has also created a huge wave over the beauty community. Let’s scroll through to find out how Normani’s hairstyle becomes one of the most searched keywords in 2019.

#1 Angled Bob Hair

Let’s get back to November 2016, where the star attended the 2016 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater. Turning up with a black side-swept bob, Normani looked chic and stylish as ever, as bobs have been in trend for ages, and it is not likely that they’ll go out of the map anytime soon. It is not at all a bad idea to have a big bob chop this year, I’m telling you.

#2 Waist Length Hair

Normani Kordei totally slew the hair game with her dark waist-length hair for her appearance in the New York Fashion Week. Wearing a black straight waist-length hair put into long layers brought out the girl’s elegant yet fierce aura, which made the girl become the center of the night.

#3 Black Cornrows

simple small braided hairstyle actually worked great as a party hairstyle, rather than those complicated and sophisticated styled cornrows. The girl was rocking her super long small cornrows, adding some gold beads as hair adornments. And seriously, the beading did a great job of elevating the simple braids into a masterpiece. I mean…watch how this girl worked her fit!

#4 Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

One of our favorite Normani Kordei’s hairstyle of all time! The multi-talented star went for a shoulder-length wavy hair with straight bangs for her appearance with Fifth Harmony at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The wavy hairstyle with some mix-up of straight bangs was totally bombed, as it was one perfect touch of mystique for Normani.

#5 Natural Curly Hairstyle

Let’s not forget about Normani’s iconic curly hair in her “Motivation” music video. The star completely smashed the game, looking completely gorgeous with her wavy half-up half-down wavy hairstyle. T be honest, this hairstyle looks incredibly simple as if you just need minimal effort to achieve it. But in what’s the truth? Well, in fact, to achieve the hair, you have to care, a lot, consider this hairdo a mixture between the half-up style and a high wavy ponytail. The hairstyle creates an equal suit for your endless party nights or days laying on your sofa, cuddling your cute dog at home.

#6 Asymmetrical Bob

Remember how Normani’s asymmetrical bob became such a huge trend after “Work”? Well, it’s undeniable that the celeb looked absolutely breath-taking wearing her hair like that. The sleek texture gives off a sultry sexy vibe, which is a match made in heaven for Normani.

#7 Blonde Hair

If you’re wondering how Normani Kordei would look ditching her trait mark. Well, here is the answer. As long as we’ve recognized her, the “Motivation” singer has had her dark tresses as her signature hair color. The star debuted her blonde hue hair as a complete shock to Normani’s fans in particular and to the whole industry in general. Appearing in the winter issue for V Magazine. Normani opted for a blonde wig by Wildform, and the output was insanely great. In fact, a petition for blonde Normani to come back as soon as possible. The sunny hue is no doubt a great choice for dark and gloomy winter day we’re telling you, and it’s on Normani Kordei! What can be better, right?

Above is the 7 times where Normani’s hairstyle creates a huge blast. What’s your opinion on these? Make sure to leave your opinion in the comment section below and share your favorite hairstyle of Normani Kordei. We hope to stumble across your comment ASAP.