Haircuts Of Black WOMEN 2019

 Black women always are awesome with short hair. Of course, they look great with medium and long hair, too, but short hairstyles are different something. They are creatures that’s what we love about them. There are lots of interesting short haircuts that will give your hair a new look. The good news is that it’s not only about curls. We know that curls were extremely popular among black women a few years ago, but we believe that it’s not the only option for a black woman in 2019s. There are literally hundreds of interesting, creative, badass, and feminine short haircuts so forget about the “classic” styles. Here you’ll find something really modern and trendy!

Whether you prefer very short or “almost-medium-length” cuts, pixies or wavy hairstyles, sexy or cute, messy or formal hairdos, we have something interesting for you in all these cases. Just continue reading and you’ll see that you’ve just found the place with the best short haircuts. Each of them is definitely worth trying!

Messy short hairstyles


We’ll begin with some messy hairstyles. It looks like the effortless and relaxed hairdos are the trend of this year (as well as the next few years). The main idea is to create a hairstyle that will look like you’ve just woken up. These messy cuts are more like the stylish imitations of the morning look.

Messy haircuts can look extremely stylish and trendy. They all are relaxed, very simple and of course, each of them will be a great choice for your short, black hair. It’s time for bob haircuts and for pixies. To be honest, we don’t see any reasons why these hairstyles should go out of trends in the next few years.

Very short haircuts

We know that lots of black women think that round face is not the best face shape type but a good haircut can solve this problem easily. Of course, short bob haircutsblunt cuts and short haircuts with straight bangs will not work well for your face shape because the main idea is to make your face look longer and more oval. You should try something different like a short Updo, a pixie haircut or a Mohawk.

Cool short haircuts for older black women

Who said that a woman can’t have a cool short hairstyle if she’s over 50? We can say with full confidence that it’s not true. Waves, curls, pixie cuts and bob hairstyles are literally dozens of amazing haircuts that will work great for older African American women. All you have to do is to check them out right here.

Short wavy hairstyles

Straight hair can look boring and curly hair is unmanageable, as African American women say. Waves are called “golden haircuts” that they are not totally unmanageable and they are definitely not boring. Wavy hair can be feminine, sexy, elegant and stylish at the same time that works great for almost every occasion.

Great short pixie haircuts

If you are looking for beautiful short haircuts you can’t ignore Pixie hairstyles. Pixies draw attention to the face that looks so gorgeous. They are exactly what we call “confident hairstyles” so if you feel that you are a strong woman, we can guarantee that Pixies will work perfectly for you. Awesome short black hairstyles with color. Making highlights, getting all over color or using one of those coloring techniques (like ombre, balayage, etc.) are the perfect methods to improve your short haircuts and upgrade your look.

Tips on how to style short haircuts

We’ve already said it: there are hundreds of interesting short haircuts for black females. We don’t know which one you will choose so it makes sense that we can’t provide any tips for your particular hairstyle. However, there are some common rules that will help you to care for your hair and to make it look even better.

  • Don’t wash your short black hair often. Washing it once per week is enough or if you do it more frequently, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Your hair is already dry enough so there’s no need to make it drier.
  • If you use gels, especially only the hair products that were designed for the African American hair. It’s about dryness again.
  • Dryness is basically the main problem most of African American women with short hair have. Making a hot oil treatment will work perfectly for your dry hair/scalp.
  • There is a great way to minimize heat damage is using a heat protect spray, cream, or serum.
  • Deep condition your hair.

These tips will help you to save your hair and if your hair is healthy, you’ll be able to try every short haircut from this news. Besides, you can visit our MACSARA to get more information about the hot trend hair extensions that are different from these short hairstyles.