Hairstyle For Men: How To Get A Flow Hairstyle

The flow hairstyle is not a new style for men. This way of styling hair was preferred by guys and very popular during the Victorian era, and it seems to make a comeback recently. Unlike such sleeker hairstyles as the pompadour and undercut, the flow hairstyle will bring you an effortless look as it is relaxed and rugged. This hairstyle is considered a kind of long style for men, so you will need to grow your hair out to a medium or long length first if you want to get the flow hairstyle. Then just style it back as well as to the side so that your hair looks like it’s flowing away from your face. Following are the instruction from A to Z on how to get the flow hairstyle, what are you still waiting for but not immediately be more handsome with this old-but-new hairstyle.


How to get a flow hairstyle

Part 1: Growing out your hair

[1] Start growing out the hair section at the top of your head first

The highlight to create the blown-by-the-wind look of this men’s flow hairstyle is the long hair section at the top of your head. This hairstyle requires you to be patient and hard work so that you can reach the perfection of the haircut. Why said “patience and hard work”? Because if your hair is shorter than medium or long length, you will need to start growing it out, which may take you several months depending on your current length. Generally, the ideal length of the top hair for a flowing hairstyle is considered to reach the ears.

[2] Remain the sides and back trimmed short until the top is 3 inches long

For the hair flow style, the hair at the sides and back are generally shorter than at the top, so you should wait until the top is longer before starting growing the back and sides out so that they’re not all the same length.

[3] Now grow out the sides and back

Once the hair at the top reaches 3 inches length, you can grow the rest of your hair out without worrying about it being too long compared to the top.

[4] Continue growing your hair until the top hair reaches your ears

You will be able to style your hair in a flow hairstyle when it has the medium length as it reaches your ears. However, this length is not a must for the flow hairstyle, it’s all the matter of preference. If you prefer a longer flow, you can continue to grow out your hair, or else you can keep it trimmed to that length.

[5] Get your hair trimmed every 2-3 months to get rid of split ends so that your hair can remain healthy

Part 2: Styling your flow hairstyle

[1] Style your hair right after you just finish shampooing, when your hair is still damp

When you get out of the shower, let your hair naturally dry, or use a towel to gently squeeze out the excess water. Don’t let your hair completely dry, make sure it’s still a little damp because damp hair is easiest to create the flow hairstyle.

[2] Brush your hair back

Start styling your hair when it’s still damp. You can use a comb or basically your hands to sweep your hair back. The key is that you must get all your hair off of your face as brushing it back so that it’s flowing to one side. The most special thing about the flow hairstyle is its effortless and casual look, therefore you don’t need to use any styling products.

[3] Put on a hat to your damp hair to form wings from the sides if you want

One optional choice of the flow hair men hairstyle is flipping the ends of your hair out so that they look like wavy, flowy wings. If you’re interested in this look, wearing a hat while your hair is still damp and take it off once your hair is completely dry is an easy way to form and achieve the wings look.

[4] Do not shampoo your strands too often to keep it healthy

Shampooing frequently strips your hair of its natural oils and makes it become dry and brittle, especially for men’s hair which is originally harder and drier than women’s hair. The recommended frequency of washing hair is from once to twice a week, applying to both men and women.

[5] Use a conditioner every day to keep your hair hydrated

The main usage of a conditioner is to moisturize hair and make it soft as well as stay healthy. You can also get a co-washing product, which washes as well as conditions your hair at the same time, both effective and economical.

Above is the instruction for you to get a fabulous flow hairstyle. Hopefully, you will quickly achieve a beautiful hairstyle as desired!

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