Hairstyles Of A True Musical Diva: Adele

Adele is a famous English singer and songwriter. She is well known in all over the world for her powerful and recognizable voices. Until now, at the age of 31, singer of “Rolling in the Deep” song, Adele is not only one of the most successful artists of our generation with a lot of awards: Grammy, Academy, Golden Globe and so on but she is also a true fashion icon of all times. Unlike other celebrities with their trendy looks, Adele has created her own style that every woman looks up to. With her sports retro hair and makeup, she is a true musical diva for ages. If you are a fan of Adele, let’s read on MACSARA news, we will show you A Complete Visual History of Adele’s Hair.

Hairstyles of a true musical Diva: Adele

Adele’s love of big hair and even bigger eye makeup was evident all the way back in 2008. We obviously adore her as a golden blonde and in this hair color, she didn’t disappoint us, too. The beautiful bang slightly hugged her face and made her look slim, glorious, and very beautiful. This hairstyle was obviously on trend at that time.

Our girl won two awards at the 2009 Grammy Awards—Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Performance and this was when we saw her signature hair and makeup style begin to develop. Neutral lips paired with major eye makeup and long, perfectly manicured nails.

By the time the 2011 MTV VMAs rolled around, Adele had perfected her beauty game with a look palatable enough to the world at large to land her on best-dressed lists, but still unique enough to be recognizably her. We’re still in love with this truly gigantic curled hairstyle and her perfect cheek contour.

At the 2012 Grammys, Adele won 7 awards for her album 21, which is totally incredible. Her red carpet look was as streamlined as her black, glimmer dress: heavy eyeliner (without the usual eyelid contouring) with major eyelashes, flawless skin, incredible warm-toned red lips. We’re also going on record as saying that there’s no hair color that doesn’t work on this woman. Just look at how amazing this golden lob is on her! Her medium wavy formal layered bob hairstyle is easy to re-create with the right tools and products, perfect for any special occasion and it actually brought Adele a fancy look and feel.

Adele looked magnificently in this sky-high beehive hairdo, which was teased at the roots to achieve maximum height and lift and pinned to the head to create this full hairstyle. A round face shape will benefit this hairstyle. Somehow this hairdo manages to be retro but not dated at all, which proves that Adele is made of magic.

Adele describes her usual beauty look as “full, done-up, hair-and-makeup borderline drag,” which only makes us want to hang out with her more. In the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, Adele’s copper highlighted locks were pulled back and styled up, which made her so sleek, chic, and gorgeous. The roots are teased at the crown adding height and lift making it the perfect style to compliment a round face. This hairstyle is great for any occasion and needs a product for hold and shine. If she could lend us this perfectly vintage red lipstick and share her skincare secrets with us too, that would also be fantastic

Adele won the Oscar for Best Original Song for Skyfall in 2013, rocking this gloriously ladylike look on the red carpet. The long straight casual half-up hairstyle is really new for her. The roots were teased and the top half pulled back and pinned to the head and we love the way she’s styled her long bangs, which were left out to frame the face to complete the over. They really add movement and modernity to what could otherwise be quite a staid look. If you have thin hair, use volumizing spray and backcombing to get this look. Clip-in hair extensions are another great way to get the Adele look.

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