Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

Coming soon we will experience the next Christmas season and welcome the new year. So have you found yourself a satisfying hairstyle? Do you need some inspiration? We are here to help you to change yourself with some wonderful hairstyles. Let read the MACSARA article!

1. Pixie Cuts:

A pixie cut is a short women’s haircut about half an inch to 3-inches in length, that you typically see on a fashionably gamine woman. If you are a tomboy or just want to shake things up a bit and don’t mind a crop, let try going for a pixie haircut! If you are bored with long hair and want to make a special appearance, you can try a pixie cut! Pixie Cut is one of the most dynamic and active hairstyles.

Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!Kristen Stewart, an American actress has changed her look with a pixie cut with highlight brown. The star looks so high fashion and gorgeous.

2. Waterfall Braids:

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful and feminine braid styles is waterfall braids. The braid creates a ‘cascading’ effect, which looks perfect paired with a soft wave hairstyle. The romantic, gentle vibe makes waterfall braids become a popular bridal and bridesmaid choice. Christmas and new year are also time to choose this hairstyle.

Waterfall Braids large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

Waterfall braids of Princess Aurora in Maleficent 2– one of the hot films last month.

3. High Bun:

High bun helps women become dynamic and active. This hairstyle is so elegant, romantic and serves as a great option when you want to look nice but have no time for more elaborate styling.

High Bun large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

Kendall Jenner arrived at Milk Studio in Los Angeles on June 2nd, 2019.

4. Long straight platinum hair:

Long straight platinum hair makes women look so elegant and gentle. In the winter, the color around is quite dark and bleak, so that light color is a perfect choice for women. With this hair color and hairstyle, we make sure that you will be a spotlight anywhere.

Long straight platinum hair large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

Elle Fanning transformed into a princess in a Gucci dress on the red carpet for the premiere of Maleficent 2, at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles. Elle Fanning seemed to step out of a Renaissance oil painting. Flowering, multi-layered details with chiffon and tulle bring romantic beauty to the young actress.

5. Wavy brown hair:

Wavy hair can make you shine with classy beauty. You seem to be sexier with smoothie wavy hair. Besides, it expresses the graceful beauty of women.

Wavy brown hair fa4e69ad 49c9 44e8 a485 58e192b61127 large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

Angelina Jolie looks like a noble lady with wavy brown hair.

6. Long straight black hair:

We can say that straight hair has never been out of fashion from ancient times to the present.

Long straight black hair 192c9941 01f8 4f70 a6d4 64bf06695e98 large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

Kim Kardashian with long straight black hair always stands out in the front of the camera. In my opinion, everyone wants to have long and smooth hair like this!

7. High ponytail:

As we can see, the beloved ponytail has become one of the biggest trending hairstyles. Ponytails seem to appear anywhere – and we can totally see why. This hairstyle is chic, stylish and just about any hair length can pull them off. Even your hair is short, you can apply for hair extension with any length.

High ponytail 05e8a55e bd80 49ea 999d ebe1df91178a large - Hairstyles To Welcome Christmas And New Year!

The 22-year-old model was spotted wearing an oversized button-down shirt with sparkly striped elastic shorts in New York in May 2019. Besides, the top was worn off the shoulder, revealing a flash of her bra strap. A high ponytail is quite suitable for these outfits.

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