Harms Of Hair Dye: When The Beauty Makes The Body Miserable!

Do you like changing hair colors constantly to catch up with the latest fashion trends? Consider the harmful effects of hair dye before making any beautify decision to avoid unintended consequences.

Dyeing hair will help you become trendy, more fashionable, or hide the “defects” of the hair, but you will not expect these harmful effects of hair dyes will happen on your strands?

Harms of hair dye 

1. Hair dye can cause cancer

Some studies show that people who dye their hair a lot may be at a higher risk for various types of cancer, such as:

  • Bladder cancer: Most studies for people who are regularly exposed to hair dyes at work such as hairdressers, have shown an increased risk of bladder cancer. However, studies based on people who have dyed their hair do not show a definite increase in bladder cancer.
  • Leukemia and lymphoma: Some studies show that people who regularly dye their hair are at risk of lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. Part of the immune system in the body.
  • Breast cancer and other types of cancer: In addition, the chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPED) found in dyes can cause breast cancer or other cancers.

2. Irritating to eyes and scalp

There are many kinds of anilines on the market nowadays that contain chemical ingredients that can irritate the scalp and cause redness and even blindness. In addition, when using dyes continuously for many days, it can cause itching, sores and itchy ants feeling on the scalp for those with a weak and sensitive scalp.

3. Hormonal disorders

Some hair dyes contain alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) often found in pesticides. When dyeing hair, this chemical can absorb into the body causing hormonal disorders. In addition, the isopropyl alcohol found in hair dyes can cause depression and headaches.

4. Effects on the fetus

For women who have dyed their hair during pregnancy or about to become pregnant, the risk of cancer is 10 times greater than that of non-dyed hair.

5. Making hair frizzy and brittle

If you dye hair regularly, your strands will be greatly affected by the chemicals in the dye. These chemicals reduce moisture from your hair, separating the crust tissue, making them dry and brittle. Your hair will gradually no longer be soft and shiny anymore. The last solution for dealing with frizzy and brittle hair is to remove the damaged part.

Note to dye hair safely 

  • Do not leave the dye on hair longer than indicated.
  • After dyeing, rinse with cool or lukewarm water to avoid hair loss.
  • Follow the instructions for use in the hair dye package. Pay attention to the notes or ingredients on the packaging.
  • Wear gloves when using dye.
  • Do not wash your hair too much.
  • Limiting blow-drying, straightening, or heat styling methods.
  • Do not re-dye hair too early. The ideal time to dye your hair is at least 6 months from the previous dye.
  • Never mix hair color products of different types. This can damage the hair and scalp.
  • Do a skin allergy test before using hair dye to make sure you do not have any allergies to the medication. Almost all hair dye products have instructions for performing a skin allergy test. Make sure the hairdresser also has tested on your hair before doing it.
  • Never use eyebrow or eyelash dye. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a ban on the use of hair dyes for eyelashes and eyebrows even in hair salons. Eyelash and eyebrow dye can cause swelling or an increased risk of infection around or in your eyes leading to blindness.
  • Use familiar, reputable and natural dyes.
  • The distance between two dyes shall not be too close to each other, at least six months, avoid letting dyes touch your hairline.
  • Shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo for skin and hair, only use conditioner for the ends.
  • Take care of your hair regularly.
  • Sun protection for scalp and hair (wear a dark hat, cover hair in the sun …).
  • In addition, it is also necessary to regulate diet and living properly.

The effects of hair dyes on everyone are completely different. Therefore, before you want to dye your hair, consider carefully the harm that the dye brings. One suggestion for you is that instead of using chemical hair dyes, use natural home-made hair dyes that are not only safe but also give you shiny hair of the same color. Or else instead of dyeing your natural hair, you can use wear hair extensions and apply aniline on those products. Wigs and extensions made of real human hair will allow you to re-color it in any way you want until you achieve your desired hair color. MACSARA is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of, providing you the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

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