Have A Crush On Guys Styling Long Hair

These guys below will definitely make you have to change preconception that guys are not suitable or manly with a long hairstyle.

Normally, when we mention a long hairstyle, we usually think about girls. A long black hairstyle that is smooth, glossy, and sleek will make ladies more attractive and gorgeous. But that hairstyle not only belongs to girls. Actually, there are lots of guys who demonstrated that both long hairstyles and short hairstyles are all suitable for them.

Moreover, the long hairstyle is also a spotlight which makes them more attractive and could give a strong impression on other people’s looks.

Benjamin Day

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His informal name is “Here”. He comes from Australia and now he is working as a general manager at the bar in Queensland’s. Speaking of Ben, he owns all elements that all girls have to be “mad” such as charming, nurture beard, muscle, sense of humor, love animals, and “work hard – play hard”.

This is the first man who proved that long hair and guys can mix up together perfectly. But, what a pity! He had a girlfriend!

Barret Lucak

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Barret Lucak comes from Toronto, Canada. He is working as a professional model. It is said that: his “lady-killer” long hairstyle is his own feature. That is the reason why he attracted many girls, bisexuals and transgendered.

Brock O’Hurn

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He was born in Los Angeles, California, America. The guy who was given birth in 1991 is seemed to be a “phenomenon” on Instagram. Proudly, he was voted as one of these most charming boys on Instagram. The proof is that his personal site owns 2.2 million followers. What an enormous number!

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A characteristic long hairstyle, deep eye, graceful smile…all of elements created a perfect face’s shape. When supporters contemplate his photographs, they usually cannot take eyes off of him.


The long hairstyle is not girly, instead of that, it boosts all his features. Brock looks so handsome and manly.

Gustavo Victor Carr

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When we talk about these most attractive guys who own floated hairstyle, we definitely have to mention to Gustavo Carr. He was born in 1983 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America. He has been working as a professional dancer. Fortunately, he used to have the chance to ally with numerous celebrities such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, The Spice Girls, NSYNC, Selena Gomez, The Pussycat Doll, Destiny’s Child and even “the King of Pop music” Michael Jackson.

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Apart from being a dancer, Gustavo also takes part in the film, producer, etc,…

In the past, Gustavo inheres in manly style. His hair is quite long which makes her physical attractiveness sexier and “lady-killer”.

Tommy Esguerra

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Tommy is the next proof. He demonstrated that guys styling long hair are double charming. He was given birth in 1994 and he lives in the Philippines but grows up in California, America.

4 years ago, Tommy came back to the Philippines to take part in the model competition. In currently, Tommy is still alone. After breaking up with an ex-girlfriend because of his busy life, he decides to stay in his hometown to develop his career.

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The long black hairstyle is perhaps his brand. It makes his photograph become attractive and outstanding without any sense on the face.

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