Have The Football-Girl-Lovers Chosen Pretty Hairstyles To Go See The Copa America Matches Yet?

The Copa America is going close to the end and the matches are becoming more intense than ever! Whether you are a fan of this king sport or just basically go watch football with your boyfriend, it’s always great if you can live it up in the passionate atmosphere of the outstanding football matches. Thus, a spectacular hairstyle definitely is an essential factor for girls to have such memorable experiences!

We’ve collected some beautiful hairstyles in 2019 that you may get inspired. Take a look and get ready to have the best football season ever!

Short Updo Hairstyle with a Headband

Let begin with this spectacular hairstyle! Simple but full of dynamism – very suitable to go watch sports games with friends. Sometimes less is more, you don’t need to style your short hair with weave or braids to have a fun and stylish look. Accenting your free curls with a tropical headband is a very easy way to upgrade your normal and boring hairstyle.

Curly Updo with a Side Twist

Highlight a short curly bob with a small twist to enhance your elegance. This is one of the most simple and quickest half updo hairstyles for black women and an easy way to diversify your daily appeal. Unique but exquisite enough to go out with friends for watching football or for whatever reasons.

Cute Black Updo with Curly Pigtails

Pigtails are cute for little girls but are cool and funky on the big girls. Adding some bright color at the end make a bolder appearance. If you are looking for ways to be more prominent among the crowd watching soccer, do this hairstyle and combine it with fashionable sunglasses and big hoops – like this stylish girl.

Simple Curly Updo with Bandana

A bandana has never been an old-fashion accessory to pair with your hairstyle. This is a perfect combination of vintage and modern beauty. The big curls flawlessly expressed the 50s retro feel and bring you an enchanting look.

Easy Braided Updo Hairstyle

This hairstyle is incredibly easy to achieve and give you a neatly but very feminine look. Just part your hair for pigtails and create two French Braids then join and pin them to have this charming appeal.

Perm Updo Hairstyle for Black Women

This beautiful hairstyle might just be the style you’re looking for – a perfect way to go sassy and short! Make a back French braid or twist to hide the length or your hair, then use a curling iron to make some big curls. The bright curls crown will ramp up your confidence tenfold.

Ombre Bob with Choppy Layers

No need to braid or twist, embellishing your hair with some light color is also a simple way to be prominent. Adding some bright color like orange or red toward the bottom of the layers to have an impressive look. You will definitely look a few years younger with this hairstyle.

Curly Bob with Braids

Don’t stop at just curls! You can do more than that with your Bob hair to turn more stylish and alluring. Add a braided headband and you’ve already had a girly look to get ready for a day out to watch football with your friends. Such a boho look!

Grey curl Ombre

Okay, so we have mostly talked about braid or twist hairstyle and not much about hair color. Here you go. Grey and silver hair have been the hot trend recently and there is no reason for not try out this hair color at least once if you are feeling daring and want to be unique.

Headband Tuck Updo for Medium Hair

To do this trendy hairstyle, simple, just wrapping hair around the base of the headband and pinning it in place. Picking a flashy headband to be more feminine and arrogant.

The Cute and Easy Twisted Halo

You are nearly late for your appointment time but still, want to have an outstanding look? This hairdo will definitely your “savior”. Very easy to make and can be done in a matter of minutes. To rock this look, firstly take a small hair section on the side then twist it back and pin it to the middle of your head. Repeat the same step with the other head side but this time, before pinning the second twist, tuck it behind the first twisted section to make a delightful accent to your hairstyle. This hairdo will be a lot more glamorous when you have ombre hair.

That’s some fabulous hairstyles for you to look more extraordinary while having a fun football time with your friends. However, styling too much may cause long-term damages to your hair. To reduce the ability of harmful effects, why don’t you consider trying hair extensions, especially MACSARA’s premium quality hair extensions. Visit our store for more useful information!