Have You Ever Wondered How Adele Looks Without Makeup?

Adele is always gorgeous, even when it’s an Adele no makeup or Adele with full makeup on.

Who is Adele?

The fans of ballad songs in particular and music lovers, in general, all over the world may not be strange with this genius singer as she is a Grammy Award-winning artist, who has gained an international success thanks to the powerful, throwback, and soulful sound, which has been fully transmitted through such hits like ‘Rolling in the deep’, ‘Someone like you’, or ‘Hello’, etc.

Adele, whose full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, born May 5, 1988, is a famous British singer-songwriter who won a total of 15 Grammys as well as an Oscar and has sold millions of albums worldwide. Adele’s first two albums, 19 and 21, have been highly appreciated by the music critics and earned her a level of commercial success unsurpassed among her colleges. The songstress then had had a hiatus period for becoming a mom in 2012 before officially returned to the charts with comeback album 25, with the lead singer ‘Hello’. This album has earned her 5 Grammys for her contribution to it, including album, record, and song of the year.

As a veteran singer with a golden voice, Adele has often appeared in monochrome shades album covers, in which she showed off her stunning beautiful self. Unlike a lot of famous singers nowadays who like to be immersed in the aura and fame of the entertainment world, the British singer seems to more enjoy an idiosyncratic life with her small family just like a normal person. That’s why we have often spotted her on the streets, looking totally different from when she appears with full professional set makeup on. Without any makeup layers, the British singer still managed to be the most wonderful self.

[1] Cuteness overloaded

A low-quality picture of a high-quality woman. Adele looks gorgeous as she holding a piece of paper with an apology scribbled on it while expressing an apologetic facial face. She was saying sorry yet her pouty face looks so cute, who could continue to be angry after being apologized in such a loving way? Even though we see there was a little tiredness under her eyes, this still couldn’t prevent Adele’s natural beauty from showing off its stun and freshness. The white skin was as smooth as butter with the soft strawberry blonde locks set to the side bring the songstress a young yet girly look.

[2] On the bed

Adele looked so happy and playful with the camera as this was taken on her 26th birthday. The ‘Hello’ voice seemed to have a wonderful birthday spending her all day at home with her family, enjoying a simple yet meaningful anniversary, and didn’t put on any makeup, of course. The tied up in a high lovely ponytail at the back for a youthful appearance while the hard work for preparing album and music was visible through the dark circles under the eyes. The natural beauty of Adele not only is showed up through the brilliant visual without makeup, but also expressed through the beautiful soul, hard work, and enthusiasm with her career.

[3] After a long day of work

Adele has been facing the problems of being overweight for a long time but her efforts to deal and her motto with these problems have been an inspiration as ever, as she always tries to pull off her weight, loving her body, and growing into it, this also might be one of the reasons why the fans adore her so much. Even though does not have a slim sexy body, the Grammy-winner is still confident showing off her natural beauty even in such makeup-free moment like this.

[4] A day out

Adele looked pretty in her blue full sleeve sweater, the songstress had her hair tied at the back preferably in a low bun while comfortably taking with her friends with a brilliant smile on the lips. Even though she did not sport even a sprinkle of makeup on her face, she looked at her beautiful self.

[5] Morning coffee

This picture was taken when Adele was having a cup of morning coffee. With a grey cardigan, a black scarf wrapped around the neck and the hair was just randomly wrapped up into a top knot, although the singer was in a rustic state, with a makeup-free face and the outfit was a bit messy, Adele still didn’t have a sign of nervous for her not-sparkling image. The famous singer even waved to the paparazzi and posed for a photo, such a funny moment! Well, with all this radiant natural beauty, she had a reason for her confidence.

Some more pictures of Adele no makeup

Elegant and luxurious when wearing makeup, and immediately turns to a lovely young lady once removing all the cosmetic layers.

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